Oh holiday breaks, we have a love/hate relationship with them. The dream of “days off” is quickly shattered by the reality of trying to plan ahead for days of activities and holiday fun for the kids.  If you’re wondering how you’ll survive this winter break with your beloved children, we are here to help! Here are 10 ways to keep the kids busy over the holidays, and keep you sane as well.

1. Make a Holiday Playlist
Get the kids to help you put together a playlist of all the best Christmas tunes. Everyone can enjoy the jolly music during diners and holiday parties.

2. Bake Christmas Cookies
Let the kids get their hands dirty in the kitchen by baking cookies together. Not only will the kids have something to do but they will be rewarded by devouring their sweet creation.

3. Make Custom Ornaments
The kids will love leaving their mark on the family Christmas tree by creating personalized ornament.

4. Build a Snowman
If you happen to live in a state where it snows, get the kids’ snow boots ready and head out the door. Your kids will love building a snowman and you’ll get some good pictures out of it too.

5. Have a Gingerbread House Family Night
There is not cuter holiday tradition than decorating Gingerbread houses with your loved ones.

6. Make S’mores and Hot Chocolate
There is no such thing as too much chocolate. So, treat your kids to some hot chocolate and s’mores after dinner one night.

7. Visit a local Holiday Attraction or Festival
During the holiday season, there are many local attractions and festivals to attend. Make a list of all the most exciting ones and get the kids involved when deciding on which ones to visit. After all, if they are happy you’ll be happy.

8. Have a Holiday Movie Marathon
Let the kids stay in their PJs all day and snuggled them up in the living room. Play all their favorite movies and let them snack on some cookies and milk.

9. Volunteer at a Local Non-Profit
Holidays are also the time of the year many are trying to give back to the community. Look at your local non-profits and sign up to volunteer. Not only will be doing a good service but your children will learn the importance of helping others.

10. Make Reindeer Food
Kids know to leave milk and cookies for Santa, but what about the reindeer? This year let the kids prep reindeer food. On Christmas Eve when setting up for Santa they can spread some reindeer chow on the lawn.