‘Tis the season to bring some winter joy into your home! Whether your family prefers to bring out the tree on November 1st or waits until after Thanksgiving, we all love being in the holiday spirit. The playful music, beautiful lights, and hot cocoa put a smile on anyone’s face. If you’re looking for some fun ways to keep your home festive this winter, these 5 tips are so easy and will make your home feel ready for the holidays.

1.Switch out your decorative pillows and blankets

Anywhere in your home that has a decorative pillow or blanket is a great opportunity to replace it with a fun, seasonal version. A blanket draped over the couch covered in snowflakes or a few pillows with red and green plaid are such a simple and noticeable touch to your home.

2. Put some air scent plugins, candles, and potpourri around your home

There is something special about walking into a room and encountering the smell of gingerbread or pine. These holiday-themed scents are typically associated with happy memories and put people in a great mood, so why not embrace that feeling within your home? Wall plugins, candles, and potpourri can be inexpensive ways to make your home smell like a winter wonderland.

holidays at home

3. Bring out the front door décor

As people walk up to your front door this season, greeting them with the holiday spirit is the perfect way to welcome them in. A beautiful reef on your door, a festive doormat, some beautiful lights, and more can bring a smile to everyone’s face.

4. Stock up on your favorite winter treats

Now for the tasty stuff! Ravaging the holiday section at your local grocery store is the most delicious part of the holiday season. Anything peppermint, gingerbread, or eggnog flavored can somehow make its way into your cart. Your pantry deserves to be full of all the sweet and delicious treats you love. You can even pick up a gingerbread house to decorate with the family!

holidays at home

5. Set the mood with some music

Whether you use a smart speaker or enjoy listening to music off your phone, Christmas music is a must every December. Playing these upbeat tunes throughout your home is sure to make your day feel brighter and happier. This is a simple and free way to get your home in the holiday spirit.

While decorating your home for the holiday season can be so much fun, it is also very easy and will always brighten your family’s mood. Whether it’s your family tradition to have a tree in the corner of the living room or bake cookies together throughout December, there is no time of year more festive than the holiday season. Happy holidays!