Leader of the Pack: My Pawsitively Blissful Life at Satori

Mmm… bacon. It must be time to get up, as soon as I’m done with this biiiiiiig stretch.

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Akira and I’m a Collie living in this really cool place that the humans call “Satori”. We came here after the smallest human was born because we needed more room and now I have so much more space to run and play!

Let me tell you, this place has everything. The humans even talk to this lady who lives in the walls named ‘Alexa’ and she makes magic happen around the home: she can turn on the moving picture box hanging on the wall, and sometimes she makes the spinny air machine on the ceiling go really fast during the summer when it’s hot out (that’s my favorite because my fur moves around and the humans tell me how pretty I am).

I have it really good here. The best human is “dad” – he’s my best friend. The food room is probably my favorite because it smells different every day and I love to investigate. Even though the countertops are too high for me to steal the humans’ foods and I don’t have thumbs to open the big food cages, sometimes dad shares with me, even when “mom” tells him not to. They should make dog food taste as good as human food!

You’re never going to believe this, but we have FIVE beds! One is really supposed to be for grandma when she comes to visit, but once everyone is already asleep, I usually sneak upstairs and sleep there all night. Unless they close the door. Then I just sleep wherever is comfiest that day, and trust me, there are lots of spots around here.

I love to swim, so the humans made sure to find a home here with a pool where I could play and splash with them. There is lots of space to run around here. Chasing lizards and playing fetch on the patios after the humans come back from wherever they go is my favorite, especially when they let the Labrador from across the street come play with me, too. We always wait by our front doors, so we can say hi to our mailman when he brings us our chew toys.

 Every week, there are two days in a row that the humans don’t go anywhere. Those are the best days ever. We walk around outside and this “Satori” place even has a park where I like to chase birds and roll in the grass next to the big lake. I’m not allowed to swim in the lake like the pool, but sometimes I get to watch fish jump from the water and that’s almost as fun.

I also hear the humans talk about something called ‘Lennar’ a lot. They seem to really like him. He gave them Everything Included and he’s friends with the Alexa lady, so I would let him pet me if he ever came to visit my humans. He made all of the homes around here and as far as I know, all of the other pups are as happy here as I am. Every night before I go curl up in grandma’s bed, I think about how cool it must be to be a human here, too. But, I think I’ll stick to being Akira.

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