Blog Getting The Kids Back To School

Getting The Kids Back To School

Ah yes, every child’s favorite time of year.  No, not Christmas.  Not Halloween.  Nope.  It’s the first day of school, yay!  All kidding aside, summer is winding down which means it is time to send the younger versions of ourselves back to learn more about reading, writing and arithmetic.  And every year, it seems the list of things we need to be aware of grows almost as much as our kids have since the end of school last year.

We are here to try to offer some helpful advice to make this year’s first day of school run as smoothly as possible for you and your children.  Whether your children are going to school for the first time, starting at a new school, or just trying to make it to school on time, we’ve got a few things you can do to make it easier for everyone.

Rise and shine, kiddos!  One thing you can do leading up to the first day of school is to get your brood back in the swing of being on a schedule.  Staying up late and sleeping in is fine for summertime, but in the weeks leading up to school starting, get the kids back to a bedtime/wake-up schedule that will get them ready for that morning ride to school.  It can be hard enough to get to school on time without the shock of changing your sleep schedule overnight.

Out of bed/Out the door.  Another way to help smooth out your morning routine is to start it the night before.  Pick out your kids school outfits the night before (if they don’t wear uniforms) and plan ahead for what kind of breakfast/lunch you’ll be putting together for them.  This can save a few precious minutes in the morning hustle and bustle that can mean the difference between a quick, easy drop-off or a long wait at the back of the morning line.

What’s on the menu?  Another time saver for parents whose children take lunches to school is to pre-plan a healthy menu for your kids on the weekend.  This way you can put together their meals without having to scrounge around your pantry last minute to throw something in a paper sack and run your kids out to the bus stop before the bus leaves.

Take these tips and make your first day or week of school a little less stressful.  There will be enough things to keep you busy with school all year, so take a deep breath, follow the tips we’ve laid out here and enjoy seeing your children learn and grow into the adults they will become soon enough.

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