Tips for Making Guests Feel At Home

Summertime is perfect for reconnecting with family and friends, and if you’re planning on hosting at your place, you probably want to make them feel right at home. For those looking to show their guests that “mi casa es su casa”, try some of the tips below to get your guests feeling comfortable in your space.

And if you think your guest might become a full-time housemate (like an elderly parent or adult child), our Galiano Pointe community offers new homes in Miami with Lennar’s innovative Next Gen® living concept. This home-within-a-home allows multi-generational families to live comfortably under one roof, with a completely separate living space for your guest.

Put Together a Welcome Basket

No matter how simple or elaborate your basket is, your guests will love the gesture. Your basket can include travel-size toiletries, a cozy throw, snacks, card games or coloring books for small kids. Add a personal touch by including some goodies and products you know your guests will love, like their favorite candy or candle.

Create a Cozy Setting

While most of your efforts will go towards cleaning up your home before your guests arrive, make sure to spend some time cozying up the space. Adding some comforting touches to common areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and the room where guests will be sleeping. Spraying air freshener or lighting candles with comforting scents like apple spice or vanilla, playing soft music, and even forgoing overhead lights in favor of lamps can all add a feeling of comfort.

Share Important Information

One of the first questions guests may ask once they settle in is “what’s the WiFi password?” Being prepared with this information on a paper in their room along with a list of some nearby locations, like the grocery store or gym, can be beneficial for guests to have on hand. Other important information to share is the alarm code and street address in case of emergencies.

Make Some Space

Giving your guests some closet or drawer space can instantly make them feel more at home. Guests will settle right into a space that has been cleared just for them. Prepare the space by adding extra hangers in closets, emptying out drawers and organizing the desk, if there is one.

Relax Together

Simply relaxing and enjoying your guest’s company is the best way to make them feel at home. Putting on a movie, munching on snacks, having conversations and playing games are all easy ways to spend time together. But also know that your guest will enjoy just being in your company.

Anna Young

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