Why a Smart Home is a Smart Choice

Why a Smart Home is a Smart Choice

Increased Internet connectivity may have started with the smartphone, but it certainly hasn’t stopped there. These days, everything from crock pots to bathroom scales are “smart,” meaning that they’re available with advanced technology allowing them to connect to the Internet, providing users with an unprecedented level of information and control.

It’s no wonder that homes are now being built smart as well, with wiring and technologies in place to take advantage of the most cutting edge products on the market. While you no doubt know that a smart home can make your life easier, let’s take a look at other ways a tech-filled household can make things better.

Keeping Tabs

With a wide range of Internet-connected wireless security cameras now available, it’s easier than ever to keep tabs on what’s going on both inside and outside your home when you’re away. But that’s not where the wonders of smart home monitoring end. If you don’t want to invest in an entire security camera system, you could simply swap out your standard doorbell for a smart version. These easy-to-install devices include a camera that monitors who comes to your home when you’re not there. Some smart doorbells record comings and goings regardless of whether or not the button is actually pushed, while others only record when someone rings the bell. Most options send a notification to your phone when someone is detected and allow you start a conversation with the visitor – whether you’re sitting across the room or across the globe.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Installing security cameras that you can monitor is a good first step, but what if you want to take things to the next level? One option is to add a whole-home security system to your home. There are companies like Vivint and ADT that will install the systems for you, or you could go with a system that you can install yourself, such as the one offered by SimpliSafe or Frontpoint.

In fact, many security systems have additional sensors to keep your home secure from other threats. Connected smoke and fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and flood sensors that alert you via your smartphone the minute something is amiss can help you avert certain disaster if a problem does arise.

Easing Home Maintenance

Many home owners find that it can quickly get overwhelming to try to keep up with routine maintenance. A smart home can help.

You can get a smoke detector that alerts you when it’s time to change the batteries or an add-on monitor like Filterscan that sends your phone a message when it’s time to change the filters in your HVAC system. There are automated sprinklers that water your trees and lawn when the soil is dry. You can even get leak sensors to keep you posted on small drips so you can fix them before they flood your home.

Saving Money

Not only do smart devices make life easier, but they can also help you save money, too. The most obvious examples are smart thermostats such as Nest and Lyric. They can optimize your heating and cooling by studying your home occupancy patterns and adjusting temperatures to the most efficient ones possible. But there are other ways a connected home can save you cash. There are refrigerators that let you know if you’ve left the door open, washing machines that can be programmed to work when energy costs are at their lowest, and devices that will switch lights and appliances off if you forget to do it yourself.

 Staying Healthy

There are a wide range of smart devices that can help you with your health and wellness goals: think connected scales, mattresses that track your sleep patterns, and thermometers that tell you the temperature of your food without having to open the oven door. All you need is a home wired for connecting to the Internet, and you’re good to go!

Anna Young

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