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Holiday Home Hacks

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The most wonderful time of the year comes with a lot of planning, decorating, and cooking. Your Lennar home has Everything Included® which makes for the perfect spot to host a Christmas morning, a holiday party, or family dinner. Preparation is key to entertaining and creating a festive holiday gathering. To help you on the journey, we’ve compiled some of our best holiday home hacks.


We would be lying if we said the food and drinks aren’t the best part of any holiday party. To make sure your holiday spread is the best on the block, make sure there is something for each of your guests. A holiday dinner is different for every family, but traditionally includes meat, vegetables, a starch and of course dessert. Holiday cookies and sweets are a must, and whether they’re homemade in your GE® appliances provided by Lennar, or bought from the local grocery store, your guests will be reaching for treats all night long!


Everyone has their own taste when it comes to decorating for the holidays, but personalizing with your own twist is something that makes this time of year so special. Stringing lights on the exterior of your home or adding lawn ornaments and statues are great ways for everyone in your community to get into the holiday spirit. Let the creativity flow inside of your home with homemade ornaments and décor for all your guests to enjoy. Remember that your decorations don’t need to look like they’re from a designer magazine- they just need to spread holiday cheer!


While conversing and eating with family and friends is the focal point of any holiday party, planning some entertainment for your guests will set your gathering apart from the rest. Everyone loves holiday music, and there isn’t a shortage of festive playlists on the internet. Set the ambiance in your Lennar home by playing some Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé through the speakers, and your guests will be dancing and singing in no time! Games such as White Elephant or Secret Santa are great ways to give gifts in a fun and whimsical way.

Gifts and Shopping:

Above all else, the holidays are a time for giving. Planning your shopping is prudent to a smooth holiday season. To make your loved ones feel special, try to find gifts that reflect their life and personality. Whether you’re getting your gifts delivered from Amazon or hand-making them, gifts are a great way to complete your perfect holiday gathering.

Lennar Homes:

The best gift is the memories you will make in your beautiful Lennar home. It is amazing to see all our Lennar homeowners enjoy the holidays in their own way. Whether it’s decking the exterior of your home in lights, utilizing your kitchen for a delicious holiday meal, or sharing your home with guests, we hope you have a Happy Holiday in your Lennar home for many years to come!

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