Blog Tips to Make Your Move as Smooth as Possible

Tips to Make Your Move as Smooth as Possible

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When you move into a new home, make sure you’re prepared beforehand and the whole process will go off without a hitch. This blog is your guide to making sure you have exactly what you need. Learn the most organized way to pack your things to make sure you get settled in and adjusted to life in your new home. Above anything else, one of the most important things to remember during the move is to keep enough cash in your pocket to cover everybody’s pizza as payment at the end of the day, which will guarantee your friends want to keep hanging out after it’s all said and done.

Before the Move

Although the act of moving from one home to another only takes a few hours, it can take a number of days to organize your belongings. Make sure to order more boxes than you expect to use, and remember to pick up boxes in a variety of sizes. While it might be easier to put everything in a small number of larger boxes, it’ll make unpacking worlds easier if you use more small and medium boxes, which will guarantee everything arrives safely!

While it may be easy to remember the boxes, don’t forget the tape! Pick up a tape gun and save yourself time when assembling and sealing your boxes as you pack.

As you pack up your belongings, the most important thing to remember by far is to label everything. Labeling what room each box belongs in makes it easy to get settled in your new home quicker. Whether you’re working with movers or it’s just you and your friends moving, make sure to label whatever’s fragile. This will save a lot of headaches while you unpack.

During the Move

The morning of moving day should be as seamless as possible. To accomplish as much as you can the day of the move, make sure everything is already packed and put away, in order so you can get out of bed and go. When you wake up on moving day, make sure you start early. This way, you’ll get as much done in the day—which means you’ll be able to finish earlier.

Plus, you can get the bulk of the work done before the Florida sun starts to really warm things up. Moving heavy boxes can go much more smoothly if it’s only a few degrees cooler, so start early to beat the heat.

Even though you may be focused on making sure that you have everything packed, it’s just as important to remember to not pack certain things. Prescription medications, cash, and jewelry should stay in a bag that you keep on your person, just so you can keep an eye on them throughout the whole process.

There are a number of things to keep track of to keep the moving process exciting. From making sure every box is labeled properly to packing in a way that makes unpacking a breeze, small actions can add up to make your big move as smooth as possible. For more ways on making your move simple, be sure to Like Lennar on Facebook.

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