Blog 10 Decorating Ideas for Your New Home for the Holidays

10 Decorating Ideas for Your New Home for the Holidays

Decorating Ideas

Now that it’s officially December, it’s time to break out the lights, put up the tree and get excited about all the ways to dress up your home with some holiday flair. If you’re looking to make your home stand out and impress your guests, here are some fun ways to create a chic, inspired and seasonal space.

1. Fragrant Florals and Greenery

Many families opt for faux trees at home, but there are plenty of ways to bring in those piney scents that remind us of this time of year. Opt for fragrant greenery, such as eucalyptus, cedar, cinnamon and pine! Eucalyptus leaves are easy to add to any arrangement and give off a strong, minty scent that’s perfect for December. Visit a local florist for a wreath handmade with pine, for an all-around charming piece of décor.

2. Simple Color Schemes

Make a statement with a simplified color scheme you can incorporate on the tree, around the dinner table and throughout your home. Elevate your style by thinking beyond just green and red. Go for black and white with gold for an elegant approach. Or strictly red and white, stripes matched with solids – whatever you chose, remember that bold design statements stand out.

3. Alternative Tree

Green is typical and white trees are a short departure from the norm, but why not turn this décor tradition on its head? No color or interpretation is off limits! Gold trees scream glam. Pink is a feminine and fun choice. Red trees deck the halls of the White House and believe it or not, a new color for Christmas trees is trending: black!

4. Ornaments in Unordinary Places

Bring a little pizazz to every room of your home with a cute arrangement of ornaments in places other than on the tree. Organize a few in a modern dish styled in the bathroom or at the dinner table. It’s an easy and cheap way spread some holiday cheer.

5. Go Maximalist

The idea for a maximalist look is extravagance. Lots of gold, lots of décor pieces, lights, flowers – embrace all the elements but be sure to stay loyal to a sophisticated color scheme throughout. Introducing natural elements will also help pull off the look without it feeling tacky.

6. Or, Go Minimalist

We all fall closer to one end of the minimal–maximal spectrum when it comes to personal style and taste. You don’t have identify as either to embrace these décor philosophies. Challenge yourself with a minimal theme for a strategically simple and sophisticated result.

7. Treat the Table

The dinner table is the staple of any holiday celebration, but why not keep it decorated all month long? There are hundreds of ways to make your dining space festive and countless DIY approaches and ideas. Find projects or pieces that match the rest of your décor and chosen theme.

8. Outstanding Outdoor Displays

Wow them before they even enter through the door! Putting up lights is only a place to start. Step up your outdoor display game in a way that frames your front door as the centerpiece. This serious curb appeal will have your home being the favorite on the block.

9. Excel at the Cookie Exchange

Making Christmas cookies is one of the most memorable parts of the season. Most neighborhoods host cookie exchanges where you bring your own to trade with family, neighbors and friends. This year, impress them all with some of these inspired recipes.

10. Wrap Presents with Natural Elements

A little bit of pine, a few eucalyptus leaves, some twigs, berries and more – there are so many other subtle nature pieces you can use as an accent on a wrapped gift. Whether you opt for butcher paper paired with natural elements, or find another way to make your presents pop, the ideas are endless. Incorporate some nature for a one-of-a-kind result.

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