Blog 20 Cool Things you can do with your Amazon Echo

20 Cool Things you can do with your Amazon Echo

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Are you debating on purchasing or have recently received an Amazon Echo with your new Lennar Home? Wondering what you can achieve with Alexa, your very own personal assistant? The possibilities are endless; Alexa now has over 30,000 skills you can put to use.  Scroll down to learn about 20 cool things you can do with you Amazon Echo.

1. Play Your Favorite Jams Throughout Your Home

Not only can you connect your Amazon Echo device to your Pandora & Spotify accounts, but you can also link it to you Sonos speakers. You’ll be able to jam to your favorite tunes no matter what room you are in with a simple voice command.

2. Make Phone Calls

It seems like “landlines” are making a comeback but with a modern twist. Alexa can make phone calls to Alexa Devices in other homes, and you can even leave voice messages.

3. Order Takeout

Alexa can also order food from skills like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, GrubHub and Amazon’s Restaurants.

Control Your Smart Home (#4-9) 

In the age of smart home technology, Alexa does a great job of integrating with many new home products like smart home locks, thermostats, lights, curtains, vacuums, TVs, security cameras, and more. Here are a few ways Alexa can help you manage your smart home:

  • 4. Switch the Lights On & Off

  • 5. Control Your Shades

  • 6. Adjust Your Thermostat 

  • 7. Control Your Locks

  • 8. View Your Home Security Cameras

  • 9. Watch TV

10. Try New Recipes

Ask Alexa for a recipe and she will give you step by step instructions. She will even help you with conversions. Ex: “Alexa, how many tablespoons in ½ a cup”

11. Get Fit

Alexa has multiple skills that can help you eat healthier. She can give you nutritional information on foods you consume and help you make room for small workouts throughout the day. Alexa can even link to your Fitbit and update you on your daily stats.

12. Manage Your Schedule

Use Alexa as your personal assistant. She can schedule your meetings, appointments and set up reminders.

13.Check the Weather

Before you get dressed in the morning check with Alexa for the weather forecast. This will allow you to be dressed appropriately and be prepared for the day.

14. Wake up to your favorite tunes or radio talk show

Not only can you set up your alarm with Alexa, you can also make sure you wake up to your favorite music or radio talk show. Ex: “Alexa, wake me up to the Drake station”

15. Keep Up with Amazon’s Latest Deals

Ask “Alexa, what are your deals?” to hear a list of Amazon-Prime member exclusive deals you can order directly from your Amazon Echo device.

16. Make Online Orders

Place orders with Alexa. Amazon Prime members can save their account information to make easy online orders. It is as easy as “Alexa, order [item] from Prime now”.

17. Stay on top of your Latest Teams & Sports

Who doesn’t love being updated of their favorite sports and teams? You can easily set up your favorite teams on Sports Update and Alexa will give you the latest news when you say “Alexa, give me my sports update”.

18. Listen to a Podcast

With the Anypod skill you can listen to the thousands of available podcasts. This is great for when your are cooking, cleaning or doing other activities around the home and want to catch up on some podcasts.

19. Get First Aid

Set up the Mayo Clinic Skill on your Amazon Echo for helpful First Aid tips and instructions. For emergencies please call 911.

20. Call for a Ride

You can link Alexa to your Lyft account to easily call for rides when needed.

Amazon Echo is included in Lennar’s Everything’s Included® program. To visit an Amazon Experience Center near you click here.

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