Blog 5 Eco- Friendly ways to stay warm this winter

5 Eco- Friendly ways to stay warm this winter

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Winter is here, and many cities across the nation are experiencing the cold weather that comes along with it. If you are looking for green and budget friendly ways to stay warm this winter you’re in the right place. Learn about these 5 eco-friendly ways to beat the cold weather.

1. Layer up

This tip is straightforward. As children, we can recall our parents constantly nagging us to put that extra sweater on. Now we look for ways to stay warm without having to break the bank. Layering is the key. To survive a brutally cold day, layer up the sweaters and wear leggings underneath pants. When hanging out at home, stay warm by wearing cozy and thicker clothes instead of your usual t-shirts.

2. Blankets everywhere

It is easy to stay warm when we are doing work around our home like cooking and cleaning. But what about when we are laying or sitting? The key is to have blankets in every area that we lounge. The living room, bedroom and even the breakfast table. This will help keep you warm and cozy when lounging.

3. Rugs

Spaces with tile or hardwood can get extra cold in the winter. Placing area rugs will help keep our feet warm. If you rather avoid spending money on rugs and looking for a more practical solution, investing in cozy house shoes will also work.

4. Curtains

Invest in some heavy and thick curtains. They will prevent cold entering your home and keep the existing warmth inside. During the day open your curtains. The sunlight will cause the temperature inside to rise.

5. Warm foods and drinks

Warm food and drinks have a warming effect on our bodies. On extra chilly days eating more soups, stews and other hot meals will keep us warm. For drinks teas, coffee and the occasional hot chocolate will do the job.


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