5 Landscaping Trends That Increase Resale Value

A beautiful landscape is an important part of the overall curb appeal of your home. First-rate landscaping can add up to 10% of value to the price of your home. Landscaping is an important presentation element that is easy to overlook during the hustle and bustle of selling home. Check out these 5 landscaping trends that may help to increase the resale value of your home:

1. Make Sure it Fits

One of the key things that every homeowner should consider when adding plants is to make sure that the plants match the style of your home. Choosing exotic and unique plants will cause friction in the overall look of your home. Some Lennar homes are quite modern so make sure that your landscaping reflects an overall contemporary feel. Consider adding plants like hostas or carex that will help to maintain an overall the look. Planting something like bamboo or boxwood shrubs may hinder from the modern style of your home and confuse potential buyers.

2. Plant Some Trees

Adding trees to your landscaping is an essential part of creating a landscape that will increase the resale value of your home. Home buyers look for trees and appreciate those homes that have invested the time into growing these wonderful landscape additions. Trees not only add color to the home but they also provide important shading for both the yard and home as they mature. Consider adding a few different varieties to your landscaping that vary in their color and blooming seasons. Japanese maples are a great modern choice while a flowering cherry will provide a lot of color and interest in the spring.

3. Install Hardscaping

If your patio has a crack or the pathway to your front door is showing its age consider adding important hardscaping that is very trendy right now. Concrete can be stamped and colored to create a pathway that looks interesting and is very durable. Installing a brick walkway is another way to instantly add color to landscaping while also providing an overall cozy look. Remember to keep in mind what kind of hardscaping will look best with the overall style of your home. Additions like a flagstone retaining wall or concrete planters will instantly add interest to your landscape as well.

4. Add Some Color

Potential buyers are more interested in homes that have pops of color. Consider the flowering plants and trees in your garden before adding more color to the overall landscaping. Items such as brightly colored pots or a freshly painted front door are both items that are pleasing to the eye as long as you choose the right color. Consider your home’s paint color and choose a hue that will compliment it without becoming an eyesore. Other ways to instantly add color to your landscaping is to add a beautiful pot of yellow gerbera daisies or some red tulips that will help to soften the overall look of your garden.

5. Add Some Mulch

Making sure that garden beds and areas around trees are freshly mulched is a great way to add resale value to your home. Freshly laid mulch gives off a pleasing scent and will look beautiful around plants. Mulch is not only pretty but it also offers important aspects like protecting plants from drying out. It is a natural weed deterrent as weeds have trouble growing through it. A few inches of mulch can do wonders in adding a finishing touch to your landscaping while also saving you weeding time later on.

Landscaping your yard – both back and front – is an essential part to raising the value of your home. Make sure to add plants that fit with your house’s overall look and plant trees that will provide shade as they mature. Installing hardscaping will dramatically increase the look of your outdoor area and so will adding mulch to the garden beds and around trees. Adding pops of color in well placed areas will also help to bring together the overall look of your home. Consider these trends when landscaping to increase the resale value of your home.

Meredith Hale is a gardening and landscape writer, and design addict. She has coordinated the design on many house flipping projects, admitting that her favorite part is creating inspired outdoor spaces.

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