5 Landscaping Trends to Try in 2019

Landscaping the areas surrounding your home not only increases your home’s overall value but also creates a modern and approachable appeal to guests. Ideally having a refined yard is the initial attraction, but also one that’s up to date and will save us time and money in the long run. Check out these five landscape trends to consider for your home this year.

Edible Plants

More homeowners are integrating local fruit and vegetable plants into their landscapes more and more. Edible plants provide a constant stream of healthy food for you and are good for the environment. Choosing easy-to-grow fruits like strawberries is an excellent option because the plant doubles as a ground cover. Another option? Plant raspberries as an edible hedge that will also provide privacy to your backyard.

Including vegetables into your landscaping is another way to create an attractive garden and cut down on your grocery budget. Incorporating green beans, tomatoes, or even lettuce into your garden adds color to the overall landscape. Consider adding an edible plant here and there within the non-edible parts of your landscaping for a unique look.


This widely-popular trend is still going strong in the new year as homeowners choose to limit the amount of irrigation and lawn maintenance. Xeriscaping involves the use of native plants that need little or no added water. These plants are usually surrounded by inorganic mulching options, like pebbles or stone, to finish off the low maintenance look. This landscape technique helps cut down on lawn mowing time, and by using native plants, it tends to attract pollinators like butterflies and honey bees. These native plants also create a stronger environment which benefits not only the neighborhood but the community as well.

Outdoor Living Space

Many of us are choosing staycations right now, so we’re investing more in our backyards and spending less money on travel. So you want to use as much of that yard as possible. Investing in the outdoor living space of your home allows you to enjoy it for years to come. Create an outdoor living space that’s both comfortable and easy to access for everyday use. In addition to comfortable outdoor furniture, consider adding a gazebo or awning to provide shade during the hottest months. Having an outdoor space that you enjoy using, that is also relaxing, is a landscaping trend that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Curved Lines

Gone are the days where everything in your landscaping needs to be planted in perfect rows. Homeowners are embracing the asymmetrical look and are choosing to add more curved walkways and garden beds. These curved lines not only add more interest to the look of your home and yard but they also reflect those shapes found in nature. If you plan on adding a walkway or garden bed to your landscaping this year, choose to add a slight curve to the edges to create this trending look.  Be sure you properly trim grass around the edges for the most pronounced effect.

Topiaries Are Back 

You may look at topiaries and instantly think of an old English garden, but these sculpted shrubs are becoming quite popular in modern landscaping this year. Topiaries are any kind of shrub that has been sculpted into a different shape. Instead of the usually rounded shape, branch out and create something unique. While topiaries require a little more maintenance, a few extra minutes of clipping may provide the chic look you’re searching for.

Incorporating any one of these landscaping trends into your yard is a great way to make better use of the space around your home. Your backyard will be functional and so appealing, you may never want to go inside again.

Sarah Miller is a writer, self-claimed nutritionist, and CrossFit junkie. She spends most of her time meal prepping and actively trying to beat personal records in the gym, but always enjoys a meditative walk through a nearby woodland area or near a lake.

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