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6 Fun Ideas for Your Flex Room

ideas for your flexroom

The beauty of a flex room is that you can transform it to whatever your family desires. This room is often referred as the “optional room” or “flex space” because it gives you the flexibility to change it into an office, playroom, extra bedroom, and accommodate to a growing family and new hobbies.

Home Office

A home office is great for those who work remotely, business owners, and those who want a designated space to store all files, books and documents. Having a dedicated workspace in your home will not only provide you with privacy, but it will also allow you to have a better work-life balance.

Game Room

With teenagers in the home, a game room makes a great place for them to comfortably play their video games, watch sports, and have their friends over so they can join in on the fun. Don’t be surprised if your home becomes THE hangout spot in the neighborhood.

Kids Playroom

If you have small children at home a playroom is great to allow them to freely play while you maintain order throughout the rest of your home. This will allow you to neatly organize all of the kids’ toys in colorfully decorated space where the kids can be kids.

Dream Walk-In closet

If you or your significant other are a true fashionista, it can be easy to run out of closet space. Why not convert your flex room into the walk-in closet of your dreams. You can head to Ikea to buy easy-to-build cabinetry, racks, and drawers to beautifully organize all of your precious fashion pieces. Add a full-length mirror and some flattering lighting to give the room a high-end boutique feel. 

Extra Bedroom

If you have a full home and love to have family and friends over, make use of the extra room and convert it into a bedroom that is ready to host guests. Fill a drawer with accommodating toiletries and stock clean towels in the closet. These thoughtful details will make you everyone’s favorite host.

Man Cave 

A man cave is great space where the guys can just kick back and relax. Traditionally, women have the most say in decorating the majority of the home, so it’s important to some men to have a space of their own where they can go and de-stress after a long work day.

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