Blog 6 Sustainable and Stylish Stocking Stuffers

6 Sustainable and Stylish Stocking Stuffers

Looking for something stylish and environmentally friendly to finish up your gift list? The team at SunStreet has rounded up a list of brands that are changing the manufacturing industry by making everything from socks and apparel to bags, wallets, and even swimwear – all from sustainable and recyclable materials.

1. Osom Socks

Osom is a Florida-based brand that makes socks from yarns that are spun from 95% clothing and textile waste. Textile waste is broken down and re-spun into new yarn. Osom doesn’t use any water or chemical dyes unlike other textile manufacturers; they simply use fabrics that are broken down and repurposed.

The Osom folks were generous enough to provide us with a promo code of 25% that you can use this holiday season! Just head over to their site and use promo code futureissolar25 to get this wonderful discount! This coupon expires on December 18th, so make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible special.

2. Vivobarefoot Minimalist Shoes

UK brand Vivobarefoot creates footwear made of recycled PET and natural materials. Their stylish shoes save an average of 17 water bottles from ending up as landfill. One of our favorite Vivobarefoot footwear for men is the Gobi II. This shoe is their first minimalist dessert boot made of natural leather and an ultra-thin sole. The Gobi II also includes a cork deck made from 100% recycled foam! Vivobarefoot aims to satisfy those who would rather not have footwear at all, which might be the perfect gift for that adventurous non-conformist on your list!

Our friends at Vivobarefoot were generous enough to offer us a coupon code of 10% for all of their products from today until December 31st. All you have to do is enter the code SUNST10 during checkout, and you’ll get this fantastic coupon! What are you waiting for? Head to their site & take advantage of this offer before it’s too late!

3. Rareform Wallets

Another brand rethinking the manufacturing game is Californian-based startup Rareform. Rareform creates unique backpacks, bags, and even wallets out of billboards that have become obsolete. They came up with this idea during a trip to South America in which they witnessed house roofs made out of billboards. Since then, they have found various unique ways to repurpose vinyl billboards deemed useless.We love their unique Ace Anderson Bi-Fold Wallet and think you should add them to your list as well!

4. Pelacase Eco-Friendly iPhone Case

Canadian brand Pelacase only specializes in phone cases made of plants, not plastic. Hence, they’re completely biodegradable. Each year as a new phone model comes out consumers tend to throw out their phones as well as their phone cases. These cases are primarily made of plastic and take decades to break down in the ecosystem. Fortunately, Pela Case uses recycled materials that make the phone 100% compostable.Head to their site to see their stylish, yet sustainable iPhone cases!

5. DIY Snow Globe

Why buy when you can DIY? Give the gift of snow by creating a personalized snow globe! This stocking stuffer is perfect for anyone who loves looking at snow all year long. The best part of it is that it can be made using old materials that are deemed futile like empty baby food jars, olive jars, and screw-top bottles. Do you want to surprise a loved one with this gift?Check out Martha Stewart’s how-to guide on this beautiful snow globe!

6. Gift Card Box

Perhaps someone on the list just asked for a gift card, but the creativity in you just doesn’t think that’s enough. It’s okay, it happens. But when it does, put some effort into a beautiful, stylish case from old repurposed cereal boxes and gift wrap. This creative DIY gift can add a little bit of flair to the stocking, and adds that personal touch. If you want a step-by-step guide for the perfect box, head over to for the how-to guide!

What’s on your “Sustainable Stocking Stuffer” wish list?
Let us know what you included on your list of Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by tagging @SunStreetUSA on any social media outlet.

Source: 6 Sustainable and Stylish Stocking Stuffers – I Heart Sun by SunStreet

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