Blog Guide to Hosting a Holly Jolly Holiday Party

Guide to Hosting a Holly Jolly Holiday Party


Give your loved ones something to remember and host the jolliest party this holiday season. Follow this stress-free guide that will help you host a holiday you and your guest will enjoy.

Pick a party theme

Do you want a formal sit down dinner or a fun cocktail party? Maybe even a fun ugly Christmas sweater potluck? Potlucks are a simple and enjoyable party for everyone involved.

Make a guest list

Now that you have chosen what type of party you will host, it is time to think about how many guest you will be inviting and start making the guest list. You can also decide whether you will be sending out invitations or create an event on Facebook.

Pick the menu

If you will be hosting a fun cocktail party pick out a few appetizers that you will provide, or use some of these yummy recipes. If you’re hosting a potluck, choose what meats you will offer (turkey, chicken, ham, steak, etc.) and allow your guest to bring the sides & desserts. Catering is also a fair choice, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal without any of the work.

Cocktails/Drinks Bar

Set up a bar where you guest can easily fix their own drinks. Arrange a selection of liquor, sodas, juices and pre-cut garnishes. This will save you from playing bartender the whole night and allow your guest to freely help themselves.

Buy Decorations

Decorating your home is key in order to get your guest in the holiday spirit. Reserve one of your walls and create a photo station for all your guest to snap picture throughout the night. Maybe even create unique hashtag everyone can use, like #HappyJollydays2018

Make Schedule

The days prior to your party set a schedule for the night of the party. Make a list of when to cook dishes, put up decor, set up the bar, etc. This will allow everything to run smoothly the day of the event.

Prep ahead

Go ahead a prep anything that you can get done ahead of time, such as appetizers that you can keep cool in the fridge, party decor, and the cocktails/drinks bar.

Get Jolly!

Don’t forget to enjoy your party and the company of your guests. Although it is important to be a good host and cater to your guest, it is equally as important to have fun in the process of everything.

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