Blog How to Create an Ideal Home Office Environment – If You Don’t Have a Home Office

How to Create an Ideal Home Office Environment – If You Don’t Have a Home Office

Lennar tips for how to work from home

As many of us continue working from home, not everyone has a separate home office area, which can be a struggle sometimes! So how do you create a productive home office environment without having an actual home office? Follow our tips below to find out how to make the most of your space – and how to make your space work for you.

1. Find a place to sit and put your laptop

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you don’t have a designated place to create your office, then working from home can be quite challenging. While it might be tempting to camp out and work from your sofa, it’s not the most practical or productive set-up…especially if your sofa is right next to your television!

Lennar tips for how to work from home

2. Utilize unused space

Think outside the box! Perhaps you have space underneath your stairs, an entryway or hallway, or even a blank wall. All of these would make great places to set up an office area, or transform what is already there into something new.

Lennar tips for how to work from home

3. Use the furniture you have

If you don’t have a desk, don’t worry! There are plenty of options for utilizing what pieces you already have at home. Transform your side tables or accent chest into a makeshift desk, or even convert your dining table to a comfortable office space. For seating options, utilize an ottoman, accent chair, bar stool, or even a yoga ball. This is also a fantastic time to try out the standing desk practice you’ve been thinking about!

Lennar tips for how to work from home

4. Separation

This is key to creating a productive work environment at home. Whether you need to distance yourself from the television or your children, having a little separation will allow you to focus your full attention on your work. Try creating a little office nook in the corner of your bedroom, a guest room, or an area of your living room that’s furthest away from the action.

Lennar tips for how to work from home

5. Organization

Like any space in your home, organization goes hand-in-hand with staying on track and creating a calming environment. Keep your space organized with a cup for your pens and pencils, a journal that matches your décor, and somewhere to put your paperwork. Not only does having a stylish office space look good, but it can help boost creativity.

Lennar tips for organized home office

The Home Office, Reimagined

If you’re looking to upgrade your work from home space, discover Lennar’s Next Gen – The Home Within a Home. This flexible space offers room to work, learn and create. Enjoy a private entrance and open welcome area, multi use space to accommodate wellness and work needs, plus a kitchenette to fuel your inspiration. 

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