Blog Romantic décor to add to your home this Valentine’s Day

Romantic décor to add to your home this Valentine’s Day

Lennar Valentine's Day home decor tips

On Valentine’s Day, we often want to express our love and affection for those closest to us. The home is a great place to do this – aside from classic cards and chocolates, these simple touches will feel romantic and special this holiday.


Red roses are of course the quintessential Valentine’s Day symbol, but even just your partner’s favorite flower or plant will be meaningful and romantic for them on the holiday. A simple bouquet can completely transform a room and bring it to life – place them in a vase and use them as a centerpiece for your Valentine’s Day dinner or leave them somewhere your partner spends a lot of time, like their desk in the home office.

Touches of red

Adding a bright touch of red during this time of year feels so romantic – and it doesn’t have to just be in roses. Red berry branches in a vase are simple, low-maintenance and can be kept up all month long. Or, if you want to feel festive in the whole home, add rich red throw pillows, coffee table books, linen napkins or towels in the powder room.


Candles are incredibly romantic. Dimming the lights and lighting some unscented white pillar candles will immediately make the entire home feel moody and set for Valentine’s Day.

A thoughtfully designed dinner table

If you’re having dinner at home, creating the perfect dinner table is a no-brainer. A thoughtfully designed dinner table doesn’t need to be elaborate, either. Simply add a white tablecloth, set the table as you usually do, and add some flowers and candles. It will feel like the two of you went to a fancy restaurant while in the comfort of your own home.

Rose petals

Yes, rose petals can feel a bit cheesy on Valentine’s Day, but in the right context, they can be very tasteful and romantic. An apothecary vase of rose petals on the countertop, for instance, feels festive without being too over the top (or making too much of a mess). Use a couple inside the envelope that holds your Valentine’s Day card, in the bathtub drawn for the two of you, or along the base of some candles set at the dinner table.

Incorporating small and thoughtful additions to your home can immediately transform the space into something special for Valentine’s Day. These touches don’t have to be anything extravagant, but they’ll make a big difference.

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