Blog The Next Gen® Suite, A Flexible Space For Your Family’s Needs

The Next Gen® Suite, A Flexible Space For Your Family’s Needs

next gen® suite

Lennar, the nation’s largest homebuilder, is the first to offer homes specifically designed for multigenerational living. Next Gen® The Home Within a Home® offers innovative floorplans that accommodate the diverse needs of families without sacrificing comfort nor privacy.

Lennar’s Next Gen® floorplans are flexible enough to accommodate a family’s changing lifestyle. The Next Gen® suite functions as its own home; featuring a separate entrance, living room, bedroom, bathroom and single car garage. Families across the nation have numerous different ways that they use the Next Gen Suite. Here are four of many different ways families can benefit from the Next Gen® suite’s innovative design.

Aging Parents

As parents get older many families find it more convenient to live under the same roof for many reasons: it could be that they need help with childcare or simply want the peace of mind of being close to their aging parents. With the Next Gen® Suite, grandma and grandpa can move in with ease and still enjoy their own privacy.

Child Returning from College

With student debt at an all-time high, it’s no surprise why young adults are moving back in with their parents. The Next Gen® Suite is perfect for children returning home from college, it allows them to keep the privacy they became accustomed to while saving money on rent.

Office Space 

For small business owners or individuals who work from home, the Next Gen® Suite can be transformed into the office of space they’ve always dreamt of. Having a space specifically for work is a great way to create some work-life balance.

Special Needs Family Member

Parents with a special needs child have to worry about more things, one of them being what is going to happen when their child becomes an adult. The Next Gen® suite allows parents to give their child a sense of independence in a space where they know they are safe and close to them.

To learn more about Lennar’s Next Gen® The Home Within a Home® and view customer testimonials click HERE.

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