Throwing an outdoor party on a budget

With less than a month left of summer, it’s the perfect time for a get together with friends and family before the fall begins. The idea of a party may sound like fun, but planning and budgeting, on the other hand, may seem like more than you can take on.

While summer or back to school expenses may have added up, it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a budget-friendly party for all to enjoy! Check out these 6 tips below for throwing an outdoor party on a budget.

1. Send invitations via text, email, or social media

With everyone constantly on their phone or laptop throughout the day, there is no reason to spend money on mailing invitations to your guests. Take full of advantage of technology and send your invite via text or email, which will allow your guests to promptly RSVP.

For those who have an account, Facebook is also a convenient way to send an invitation. By creating a Facebook group, you can easily see who is going to attend the party, and guests will be reminded of the time and date of the event. Click here and follow these steps for creating an event on Facebook.

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2. Use your backyard as the party location

Using your home’s backyard space to throw a party is a great and FREE option. This way, you won’t have to worry about hastily cleaning the inside of your home before guests arrive or having to reserve a space at a restaurant or venue (which can be costly). Using your backyard also allows you to decorate it any way you wish, and not be limited by a public location.


Source: Glorious Treats

3. DIY decorations/party favors

Make Pinterest your new best friend or even find one of your favorite bloggers to borrow ideas from. Buying decorations can add up fast, so opting for a DIY option will help your budget and also let you add your own personal touch to the party. You might even be pleasantly surprised when you find that you already own some of the items required for the DIY decorations.

4. Go Potluck

If you’re choosing to host a party and handling most of the planning, don’t feel guilty asking your guests to bring a little something. Most of your friends and family are going to want to help out in any way they can. By asking them in advance, it helps take the pressure off you and your guests!

Everyone loves a good old fashion pot luck. With each guest contributing a food dish, it provides a great variety of food for all to enjoy. You can either stick to a theme for the party to help narrow down the food options or simply have everyone choose one of their favorite dishes to bring. Either way you go about it, it’s always a fun way for guests to showcase their favorite dishes.

5. Use music apps to provide the perfect entertainment

Hook up a portable or outdoor speaker and connect to Spotify or Pandora. Good music is always the perfect way to entertain at any party. With apps like Spotify or Pandora, you can find the perfect party play list at the click of a button. Set aside some space in your backyard to designate as a dancing area for guests to enjoy and you are all set. Free music and entertainment—what could be better?

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6. Don’t stress over making it perfect 

Don’t worry about making every detail of the party perfect because in doing so you might overlook the budget that you should be sticking to. Don’t forget that the point of the party is to bring everyone together for a good time, and not to stress over the minor details of the decorations or the type of food that is served.

 Let us know what tips you have for throwing an outdoor party on a budget in the comments below!

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