Blog Your Ultimate Guide to Working From Home

Your Ultimate Guide to Working From Home

Lennar work from home tips

As many of us are suddenly adjusting to working from home, as well as spending the majority of time indoors, it inevitably will come with unexpected challenges. So in order to maintain productivity as well as mental clarity, there are some tools you can implement for a structured work-life balance.

Lennar work from home tips

Keep to your routine.

It might seem silly, but it’s been shown that continuing to wake up every day at the same time you normally would with your commute can help you maintain a productive structure. Go through your regular morning routine – whether that consists of exercise, showering or taking the dog out – then get dressed like you would for the work day outside your home.

Lennar work from home tips

Designate your work space.

Make sure you have an actual work space that’s set-up and ready to go, as tempting as it might be to just work in your pajamas from the couch. Creating and working in an environment that reflects your usual workspace will already have you more focused and committed to taking on the day’s work. Have fun with it – add some flair to make it really feel like your own. Consider setting up near a window so you still have a peek into the outside world.

work fro home office tips Lennar

Stick to your normal eating schedule.

When the line between work and home life becomes blurred, even the simplest structures hold great value. Keeping with your lunch and snack times will help you manage your time effectively to make for an easier transition. Since you have extra time at home – why not dive into meal prepping? If you were already a meal prepper, keep up with the same routine!

Lennar work from home tips

Get outside for at least 20 minutes a day.

You are probably sick of hearing this by now, but it’s true that even just going for a walk outside will help you disconnect from the indoor environment and reset your mental state. Consider going for a walk before and after each work day. It’s a good way to clear the mind and you can schedule it in like you would your typical “commute.”

Lennar work from home tips

Maintain your normal work schedule.

When we’re working from home, it’s easier to stay connected during the off hours because we never feel that physical break and departure from the day’s job. But committing to your normal schedule and getting your work done within those hours allows you to be more productive and log off at the end of the day. For a happier and healthier balance between your two colliding worlds.

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