10 Things You Should Share with Your New Home Consultant | Part 2

10 Things You Should Share with Your New Home Consultant | Part 2

When you’re looking for a new home, you talk to a lot of people. You talk to your family about what they want, you talk to your realtor about where you’re looking, you talk to the bank about what you can afford, and on and on. 

By the time you finally meet with your New Home Consultant, you’ve talked with so many people about the same things, it can be tempting to “bullet point” your wishlist to a few tangibles. You might say, for example, “We’d like a 2,000 square foot, three-story townhome with two bedrooms and a garage.” Though this can be a good starting point, it doesn’t give your New Home Consultant an idea of who you are as a family and what’s going to make you happy in your new home. 

As we discussed in Part 1 of this blog, the best way to help your New Home Consultant find the perfect, one-of-a-kind home for you is to share your story with them. Let them know why you’re looking, and when you’d like to be moved in. Tell them how well you know the area, what you liked and didn’t like about your old home, and open up about any misgivings or negative feelings certain family members might have about your move.

By sharing your passion points and your pain points, your New Home Consultant can become both a valued resource and a trusted partner throughout your homebuying experience. With that said, here are the rest of the 10 things you should share with your New Home Consultant.

6. What rooms your family will use the most?

Where do you envision spending the most time in your new home? Do you work from home and need a quiet, comfortable office space? Are you an avid chef and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen on weekends? Do you like to entertain, and you need a large dining room to accommodate your family? Or maybe you like to have spa nights, and you’re really looking for a luxurious bathroom?

Wherever it is that you’ll be the most, be sure to tell your New Home Consultant. (Because if you’re going to use that particular space a lot, it’s important that you love it!) They will be able to identify and show you the features in a new home that will interest you the most.  And remember to think of the reverse, as well! Everyone has a room in their home they barely use. Which is yours?

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7. What would make you excited about a new home?

This is a fun one! When you think about living in your new home, what are you enthusiastic about? Would having an outdoor space where you can sit and watch the stars make you happy? Have you always wanted to host a family get-together around the holidays, but your previous home was too small? Are you thrilled about the idea of a safe neighborhood where your kids can play? Everyone’s situation is different, so everyone will be excited about different things. When you share what you’re passionate about with your New Home Consultant, this can help them hone in on the perfect new home for you and your family.

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8. How your home buying experience is going so far?

This is your chance to share the highs and lows of your journey. Is this your first visit to a model home, or have you been shopping for a while? Are you overwhelmed by options, or are you not finding anything you like? Have you had some great conversations with representatives at other communities, or have you had some not-so-great interactions? Sometimes the search for a new home can be stressful. If that’s the case, tell them what could have gone smoother. If your search has been great so far, tell them why. When you share this information with your New Home Consultant, it gives them an idea of how they can avoid any of the issues you’ve experienced in the past and continue doing the things that have made it enjoyable.

9. Which other communities you’re considering?

Don’t be afraid to talk about the other options on your mind! Your New Home Consultant knows that you’re probably exploring several avenues, so it isn’t discourteous or rude to discuss them openly. Remember that your New Home Consultant will be an expert on the location and the other communities in the area, so they can help you understand the similarities and differences between them. Many people also consider re-sale homes, fixer-uppers or staying in their current home. If these are options for you, you should definitely say so. When your New Home Consultant has the full picture, they can help you make an informed decision.

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10. How familiar you are with the homebuying process?

If you’ve purchased a home before, then this is old hat for you. But if this will be your very first home and you’re not sure exactly how it all works, then your New Home Consultant will be your lifeline! It’s OK if you don’t know the first thing about homebuying – they’re there to help. Your New Home Consultant can give you an understanding of what the process looks like and walk you through step by step. And through Lennar’s partnership with the talented people at Eagle Home Mortgage, CalAtlantic Title and North American Advantage Insurance, you can expect a seamless, customer service-focused experience.

Ready? Let’s go!

Now that you have the tools you need for your first meeting with your New Home Consultant, you’re ready to take that next step. Take a look at the new home communities Maryland and Delaware, and make an appointment for a tour today!

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