Blog Indoor plants to incorporate at home that don’t need much light to thrive

Indoor plants to incorporate at home that don’t need much light to thrive

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Spring is right around the corner and one of the easiest ways to brighten up your home for the season ahead is to add a few indoor plants to freshen up any space. But, if you’re looking to brighten a room that doesn’t have very much light, you may find it difficult to find a plant that will survive in poorly lit conditions.

Although all plants need at least some light, they don’t all like bright, direct sunlight. Below are five gorgeous indoor plants that will survive in the lower-lit spaces within your home.

Lucky Bamboo

Though Lucky Bamboo will grow best when it’s in a well-lit room, these easy-care plants can tolerate low light spaces as well. Keep them out of direct sunlight and make sure the soil is well-draining. Plus, lucky bamboo can also grow in water alone.

Heart-leaf philodendron

These beautiful, vining plants only need partial sun to thrive, so low-lit conditions are just fine. Keep them close enough to a window where they’ll get some light required to photosynthesize, but for the most part, plant owners with these gorgeous plants will mostly need to worry about well-draining soil and not over-watering. When a stake is set up in the middle of the pot, the heart-leaf philodendron is known to climb.

Red Anthurium

Red Anthuriums naturally grow under tree canopies in the wild. So, direct and bright sunlight is not what they prefer. They do well with some indirect sunlight throughout the day, so if you want to move your red anthurium to a bright room, make sure to install sheer white curtains to filter the light properly. They love orchid mix combined with succulent soil and perlite, and some regular misting or a water pebble bowl situated nearby for humidity.


A newbie plant parent favorite, the Pothos is easy to take care of and hard to kill. The most important thing to remember with a Pothos plant is to not overwater them and to make sure they’re placed in a well-draining pot. Many people like to keep their Pothos in nursery pots and nestle the bland plastic containers into prettier ceramic planters. They’ll do well in anything from partial to bright indirect light, but make sure they’re not placed in direct light as they’re prone to crisping leaves.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily produces deep green leaves and flowers regularly, providing a beautiful plant that is also said to have air-purifying qualities. These plants don’t require much care at all, making them a favorite among folks with brown thumbs – they do well in shade and they prefer when the soil dries out between waterings.

When preparing your new Lennar home for the upcoming spring, consider incorporating these easy-care indoor plants into the spaces that might not get quite as much sunlight.

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