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Lennar helps you handle back-to-school with class

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost time to start school again! The kids probably aren’t ready to get back into the routine, but savvy parents know the drill. Efficiency-minded moms and dads will already have backpacks lined up, filled with grade-appropriate school supplies — and closets full of new school clothes.

Whether it’s the first day of school ever or the start of just another school year, here are some tips to make the transition easier.

The right place to start the school year

When Lennar builds a new community, we think of everything — especially the surrounding attractions, conveniences and infrastructure. One big factor is the quality of nearby schools.

Whether you have older kids, younger kids or are just starting to think about raising a family, living in an excellent school district is a wise choice. After all, the benefits of a great education last for a lifetime and pay off in so many ways.

It’s also a big help to have neatly paved new streets, immaculate sidewalks and clearly marked roads with modern signage. The bus driver will appreciate being able to find your kid’s stop.

Prep ahead for back-to-school success

If you’re living in a Lennar home, you’ve already got the advantage. Superior floorplans with lots of storage space are a big help. Spacious, bright bedrooms start the early morning routine with a more positive feel — and getting ready in an immaculate new bathroom is always a plus.

Still, there are a few things you can do to prepare for that big first day of school.

  • Use your stop-and-drop area to collect the backpacks, bus passes, class schedules and any other items you’ll need for that sleep first morning
  • Lay out (or hang up) all the outfits that will be worn the first day. Get socks and shoes and accessories together nearby. Even if your child wears school uniforms and doesn’t have to decide what to wear, getting everything ready beforehand saves valuable time.
  • Set multiple alarms on your smart phone, 10 minutes apart. Make sure the phone is not muted, and don’t be afraid to crank the volume so the alarm can be heard from a deep sleep!
  • Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. (Not just the kids — parents need rest, too!)
  • Have everything on hand for a quick but nutritious breakfast. A good mix of protein of carbs will give both a quick boost and long-lasting energy for the long day ahead.
  • To beat first-day nervousness, consider playing some upbeat music. This works at home and is even more effective if your kids are car riders. Let them start their new adventure with a fun song on their minds!

Here’s to all the back-to-school participants for Fall 2022

Sometimes, returning to that early morning school day routine will cause grumbles and yawns. There will probably be more than a few breakfasts with bleary eyes and few smiles to be found — but after the first week, it gets so much easier. You’ve got this. You have a plan, you have a class schedule, and you have a positive attitude.

Anna Young

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