Blog How To Series: Organize a Functional Garage

How To Series: Organize a Functional Garage

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So, you just moved into your new Lennar home and now it’s time to begin working on your garage. Luckily there are some garage pros on our Lennar team that can help you plan a perfectly functional garage space in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Know your Dimensions

It’s a good idea to measure out the dimensions of your garage space. Go ahead and measure out:

  • Your wall space (for mounting and hanging)
  • Floor space
  • Ceiling height   

You don’t want to buy something that is too large and will throw off the functionality of your garage. For example, buying a workbench that takes up too much space and doesn’t allow you to get your car in the garage. Save yourself some time and measure your dimensions.

Step 2: Prioritize your needs

You need to ask yourself this question before organizing your garage:

  • What three things do I need from my garage space?
  • How do these three needs rank in importance?

For example, your garage will be used to: park a vehicle, use as a workout space, and use as a storage space, ranked in that order. Your priorities may be different so adjust your list accordingly. We’ll use this example for the rest of the article.

Step 3: Plan your Garage

We suggest taking a sheet a paper and drawing out your garage plans. Use the dimensions you’ve taken in step 1 and also keep step 2 in mind when picking out equipment and products. In our example, your garage will be used for the following priorities:

  • To park your vehicle

This is the primary purpose for your garage. Everything you buy should be geared towards saving floor space to park your vehicle.

  • To use as a workout space

We would plan to have your workout space in the back corner of your garage and limit your equipment to stay within specific dimensions. If your garage dimensions are 20’x20’ you’d want to outline a 5’x5’ area in the back corner to give you about 25 sq. ft. of space for your exercise equipment. Be sure all of your exercise equipment will fit in that space before purchasing and you should have plenty of room to park your vehicle. 

  • To provide extra storage space

Now that you have your first and second priorities planned, let’s take a look at what is left for your third priority: storage. Decide where the best place for your storage will be. We recommend using mounted shelves in this scenario, since you’ll want to save as much floor space as possible for your vehicle. You’ll find plenty of mounted shelves at your local hardware store that do not take much effort to install.

Step 4: Gather your equipment

Now for the fun part. Whether you go to a hardware store directly or shop online, be sure you stick to your plan. There are a lot of products that will seem useful but remember: you want your garage to be spacious and functional, not cluttered and dysfunctional. Only buy the equipment or products that you have planned for. You can always buy more if needed.

Step 5: Organize your Garage!

You now know your space, have prioritized your needs, and have gathered your equipment. Now it’s time to put it all together! You will thank yourself for the preparation you’ve put into this project when you see how smooth the process goes and how nice your new garage space is!

Lennar Offers New Homes in Middle Tennessee

We have a variety of new homes that offer a wide range of floorplan options that feature 1-car, 2-car and 3-car garages in the Nashville area! If you are interested in learning more visit our website or give us a call at 615-236-8076.


Garage/bay sizes may vary from home to home and may not accommodate all vehicles. This is not an offer in states where prior registration is required. Not all HOA’s allow home gyms in garages. Void where prohibited by law. Copyright © 2021 Lennar Corporation. Lennar and the Lennar logo are U.S. registered service marks or service marks of Lennar Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. Seller’s Broker: Lennar Sales Corp., ph. 615-465-4328. Date 11/21

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