Blog Ideas for Last Minute October Decorations

Ideas for Last Minute October Decorations

Fall fun in Nashville

Fall is here! You’ve seen the homes in your neighborhood that are prepared and decked out for this time of year but you just haven’t had the time to decorate until now. We have a few simple steps you can follow to partake in the spookiness this year, without breaking your bank.

Spider Webs

Spider webs have to be in the top 3 iconic spooky fall decorations of all time! We suggest weaving them in between porch furniture, shrubs in your garden or even areas of your yard or porch you don’t want people walking through.


Pumpkins are not necessarily the scariest decorations, but they are THE signature October decoration. Most stores are selling many different types of pumpkins and even carving kits around this time of year, and both are relatively inexpensive. Here are a couple of tips for carving pumpkins:

  • Get the most discombobulated pumpkin you can find for an extra spooky look.
  • Search for the perfect pumpkin and create a Cinderella pumpkin to radiate the nostalgia!

Play a Spooky playlist

If you are trying to get rid of the 5 bags of candy you bought for trick or treaters (so you don’t eat them yourself), a spooky playlist will let trick or treaters know your home is actively participating and giving out candy! We recommend hiding a Bluetooth speaker somewhere on your porch and looking up a spooky playlist on music streaming platforms or online. Consider researching songs they will recognize from popular kids TV shows, movies or artists they know.

Front Porch Light

This is so simple, but it makes all the difference. You can buy special light bulbs on amazon or in your local department store in many different colors. We recommend green, purple or red. This will really make your other decorations pop and also get you noticed by trick or treaters!

Dress Up

You remember those houses you went to when you were a kid and the people giving out candy were dressed up? Those were the best houses because they were simply participating in the fun! Dress up and participate and you’ll be sure to get trick or treaters.

You are Ready!

Now go and use your newfound knowledge to decorate your home and enjoy the season! There are plenty of things that will jump out and surprise you during this time of year, but Lennar offers a variety of homes in the Nashville area that are surprisingly affordable! Click here to visit our website or contact our Internet Sales Team at 615-236-8076 for more information.

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