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Prep your home for back to school

back to school

Between shopping for a backpack, picking out a first-day outfit and everything that comes along with starting a new school year, making sure your home is prepped is a great way to ensure your kids are ready to take on the year. While every child has their own passions and hobbies, the start of a new school year is often when schedules get the busiest. Between waking up early for school and afternoon activities, it can be hard to find time to always keep your home in order. These tips for preparing your home for the new school year can set your family up for success.

Lunch Prep Organization

Whether you pack lunches the night before or early in the morning, anything that can make the process quicker and easier is the way to go. Purchasing single-serving foods are perfect ready-to-go options. There are also refrigerator organization bins that can help you keep your food tidy and always in the right spot.

homework desk space

Homework Desk Space

It’s always easier to be productive and get work done in a workspace that is clean and makes you happy. Set up a designated homework area where the kids can sit each evening. The less clutter in the area, the less distractions from getting their work out of the way.

Blackout Window Shades

If your kids are light sleepers, some blackout window shades can be a great investment. That way any sunlight or headlights from your neighbor’s car won’t bother the kids while they are sleeping, and they can be well-rested for the school day.

Family-size Calendar

Keeping a large calendar in a common area of the home, like the kitchen, is great for organization. With so much going on during the school year between sports, after-school activities, social schedules and more, it can get chaotic if you don’t write it all down.

Multi-section Laundry Hamper

Busy schedules typically mean lots of laundry. While letting it pile up can sometimes be inevitable, getting a large multi-section laundry hamper may be the answer for your family. It’s a great way to have the clothing separated and make laundry time more organized for the family.

reading nook

Reading Nook

Along with schoolwork, there usually comes some reading. Whether your child loves or loathes picking up a book, having a reading nook can make it fun! A small area of your home dedicated to reading time with no technology nearby, a comfy chair and as much quiet as possible can help them get their reading done.

If a new home is in your future, now is a great time to make your move. Select homes also offer flexible bonus rooms that can easily be converted into a study area to create a dedicated space to focus and get school work done. Start your search today at

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