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Easy Ways to Save on Professional Movers

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Moving into a new home can be an exhausting and stressful process, so many people opt for a professional moving company to take on the heavy lifting for them. However, these professional movers often cost a lot of money, so we collected some money-saving moving tips for you.

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Lennar Palm Beach

Pack Before The Movers Come

This can be an obvious tip for most, but often times homeowners underestimate the time it can take to pack. Those customers who aren’t fully ready to go end up adding extra hours and dollars to their moving budget. Packing before gives you time to carefully move your valuable items instead of trying to rapidly pack.

Strategically Pick A Moving Date

There are certain times during the year that moving companies are in high demand, and these times are usually when the companies raise their prices. If you’re looking to save money on the move, pick a moving day during the winter months or in the middle of the week, when fewer people are moving, and enjoy a faster, more cost-effective move. 

Don’t Waste Money Buying Boxes

Before you turn to buying, recycle some boxes you or your friends have lying around or ask your local grocer or nearby superstore for their spare boxes. These stores usually have large recycling dumpsters in the back, open for anyone to take. Recent movers are also looking to give away free boxes on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. 

Consider Getting Moving Insurance

You never know what might happen during your move. If the move goes smoothly and you invested in mover’s insurance, it can feel like a waste of money, but if something bad ends up happening, then you’ll have saved money in the end. Look into full-value moving insurance or full-value replacement coverage, which covers the full value of every item listed in your inventory, or inquire about only covering the most expensive items. How much you spend on the insurance all comes down to how much you’re covering and how far you’re traveling.

Do Research and Compare Costs

We all love getting deals on the things we buy but deals with moving companies are something one should be wary about. Look to get your move priced in one of three ways: a total price guaranteed quote, non-binding quote, or guaranteed rate reduction.

If a moving company is not something you can afford, try renting a truck and hire a few people or get your friends together to help you do the heavy lifting. This might not be as carefree as a moving company, but you’ll save some money in the long run and not have to worry about the possibility of a sudden price spike. 

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