Blog 7 Quick Tips to Get Your Home Summer Ready

7 Quick Tips to Get Your Home Summer Ready

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Things are heating up and it’s finally time to make some adjustments at home to get ready for the summer. The longer days and warmer nights will bring more time spent outdoors, backyard barbecues and even some tiny critters. Here are some helpful reminders to prepare your home for optimal comfort.

1. Switch Up Your Window Treatments

Depending on where you live, consider investing in a seasonal set of curtains. If you live in a home that brings in tons of natural light or in a region where the heat reaches high temperatures, blackout curtains are an essential item to keep cool from the sweltering sun. If heat isn’t a big concern, hanging up lighter curtains is a great way to welcome in more of that natural glow.

2. Clean Any Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor living is just a few steps away. Your patio furniture has likely been covered up the last two seasons or left out collecting dust. Give your outdoor seating and tables a much-needed rinse, wipe away dirt and wash any cushions so you can bask in the sun properly and host your friends in the warm summer air.

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3. Call Pest Control

Once temperatures rise, your family won’t be the only ones looking for cooler air. Insects and bugs will do their best to make their way into your home or hover around your barbecues for a snack of their own. Avoid future headaches by hiring pest control to do a sweep of your property’s perimeter. You can also purchase traps for ants and keep a swatter nearby for flies and mosquitos.

4. Bring Out Lighter Bedding

Your bed is likely packed with weighted comforters that kept you cozy through winter and early spring. These items are lifesavers in December but become overbearing the second it starts to warm up. Avoid overheating at night and having to pump the a/c by swapping your heavy bedding for light and breathable sheets. Consider changing up your duvet cover for fresh and bright colors to complement the warmer season.

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5. Introduce Fresh Scents

Create an airy ambiance by adding new candles or diffusers to complement the summer season. If you prefer to curate a tropical environment, set out candles with scents like ocean breeze, citrus and coconut to make your living room feel like a destination vacation. If you’re inclined to maintain a more natural-smelling home, candles that recreate the scents of summer rain and meadows are lighter options that won’t overpower your space.

6. Liven Up the Landscape

For those who’d like to test out their green thumb, there are a handful of seasonal vegetables and flowers that thrive during summertime. June and July are the perfect times for cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and beets. Not only will your yard be full of color, but your kitchen will also be filled with organic produce. Likewise, marigolds and sunflowers are great options to plant in early summer. Their bright golden petals bloom all summer long and brighten up your home’s exterior.

7. Reset the Sprinkler System

During the colder months, the rain and snow can make it unnecessary to water your lawn regularly. The longer daylight hours and higher temperatures of summer will require reprogramming your sprinkler system. Remember to set the times of your sprinkler system to mirror the hours of sunset or sunrise. This will avoid watering your grass during the driest hours of the day when the water evaporates before the soil has a chance to absorb it. Don’t forget to check your sprinkler system for any leaks or damage that may have occurred during the winter months.

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