Blog Behind the Design: Peek into the Solaire 1 Model Home at Valencia

Behind the Design: Peek into the Solaire 1 Model Home at Valencia

Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia living room

Lesley Crawford-Dorso is one of our talented Senior Interior Designers at Lennar who designs and styles model homes across our West Coast communities. We recently interviewed her to gain her insight on a model home she completed for our Solaire 1 home design at Valencia, a master-planned community of new townhomes and single-family homes that are now selling in California’s Santa Clarita Valley.

Did the location of this model home influence your design choices?

“Absolutely. Solaire at Valencia is actually close to where I live, so I am familiar with the buyer demographic and the families that live here. Family oriented, laid back, modern yet casual is how I would describe this area and what I based the design choices off of.”

How would you describe the style of this project, as well as the color schemes?

“This model home is a combination of textural organic with some modern touches. The home is bright and airy. The light blues and yellows along with the clean lines are crisp and refreshing. It’s like the perfect spring day in California – 72 and sunny!”

The Kitchen

This gourmet first-floor open-concept kitchen features stainless steel appliances and a large center island with space for seating. The white cabinets and quartz countertops create a light and bright space, which is highlighted further by the sliding doors that open up to your outdoor patio. Stylish hardware, elongated blue subway tile, and ample storage space form a gorgeous kitchen that is both stylish and functional in this designer model home.

Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia kitchen
Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia kitchen
Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia kitchen

“The backsplash in the kitchen is my favorite element. You usually see a tile like this laid in a subway pattern, but I chose to lay it straight instead. This gives a more modern look and feel.”

The Dining Area

Situated between the open-concept kitchen and living room is the dining area, which can be both formal or casual depending on your lifestyle. Enjoy sitting down for dinner in the middle of the home, where gathering together makes perfect sense.

Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia Dining
Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia Dining
Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia Dining

“The dining area I kept clean and simple. The dining chairs are cozy and comfortable – I wanted this to feel like the area a family would come around each night, relax and be able to enjoy spending time together.”

The Living Room

The living room in this home is the perfect size, with plenty of natural light filling the space from all the windows. Whether you want to watch the big game with friends and family, or curl up with a good book, you’ll enjoy this space that allows for ample seating.

Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia living room
Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia living room
Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia living room

“I loved this space! The subtle texture of the shiplap against the modern credenza, the worn wood in the coffee table and the inviting fabrics on the sofa made this room feel cozy and organic, yet still modern and fresh.”

The Owner’s Suite

Located on the second floor, this owner’s suite provides a spacious retreat perfect for homeowners. Enjoy relaxing after a long day with features like direct access to the adjacent bathroom and an expansive walk-in closet.

Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia bedroom
Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia bedroom

“I wanted to go a little more transitional in this owner’s suite. This space was softer with the curved lines of the loveseat and headboard, which I offset with the modern wall detail and brass elements. The final result felt very tranquil and spa-like.”

Secondary Bedrooms

This home features two extra bedrooms on the second floor, with a shared Jack-and-Jill style bathroom between the two rooms. A perfect place for guests, family members or children, these bedrooms offer flexibility depending on your needs.

Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia bedroom
Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia bedroom

“The secondary bedrooms are always incredibly fun spaces to design. I get to create whimsical spaces that any kid would love to spend time in. I like to incorporate fun lighting fixtures, textured bedding and pops of color that result in cute and cozy spaces.”

The Home Office

Located towards the back of the home, this office is the ideal space for working from home, getting tasks accomplished, or helping the kids with homework.

Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia Office
Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia Office

“The home office was a spacious room that I designed to be a functional, user-friendly workspace while keeping it easy on the eye. A large bookcase was featured for storage and functionality. I also added a cozy guest chair so that the room could have more than one person utilizing the space at the same time.”

What was the best part of working on this model home and seeing the space come to life?

“I loved working on this model home since it was local to my own home. It was great creating a space knowing the buyer demographic so well. Seeing the color scheme come to life through the art, bedding and furniture choices was really fun.”

Lennar Solaire Vantage Valencia exterior

This model home, Solaire 1, is part of the Valencia master-planned community in Valencia, CA.

Click here to schedule a tour or contact us with any questions. To view more interior design work done by Lennar’s team, follow their Instagram @lennarwestinteriordesign.

More about Designer Lesley Crawford-Dorso

Lesley has been with Lennar for almost 15 years and brings her widespread interior design knowledge and expertise to model homes across the Western Region.

Lesley Crawford-Dorso

How did you get your start in interior design?

“I got my start in interior design while I was attending college to be a teacher. I wasn’t connecting with the career path I had chosen and was feeling a little lost. I had someone say to me, ‘you have such a talent with design and decorating, why don’t you try that.’  I dove right in and signed up for interior design classes and let’s just say, that was the first time I LOVED school. I had finally found something that came naturally to me ever since I was young and everything finally made sense.”

How long have you been with Lennar?

“I have been with Lennar for almost 15 years. Long before we had a full design team, I dove in and simply started helping with model home installs. It has been amazing to see how our team has developed and grown into what it is today.”

Why do you love interior design?

“I love design because it allows for such creativity. I love a neutral color pallet, that is my personal aesthetic, so being challenged to design a space with different color schemes and styles is so fun and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. I love creating spaces that look beautiful but are also comforting – designing something for families to create memories in and thrive in their “happy place” is so rewarding.” 

Where do you look for inspiration?

“Everywhere I go, I am constantly finding inspiration – but I would say that being out in nature and seeing all the organic elements inspires me the most. I love the textures and life that plants and organic materials can add to a space. As a designer, its critical to make sure a space doesn’t fall flat and by bringing the outdoors in with a pop of greenery, it can really bring a space to life.”

Current favorite design trend?

“My favorite design trend is to add touches of natural elements throughout each home, such as worn woods, seagrass, and greenery. When I’m not able to find exactly what I’m looking for, I love to ‘DIY’ a modern vase by layering texture or repainting to achieve the look I want.”

Fun fact about yourself?

“I love to take not-so-perfect accessories and revamp them. From an old vase to a chandelier, I can get pretty crafty in reworking something to look fresh and beautiful. In every model home I design, you can bet there will always be a ‘personal’ piece or two of mine.”

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