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Get the Look: Cozy California

Lennar cozy california interior design style living room

No matter where you live, if you’re looking to embrace the California state of mind in your home, then the Cozy California design style is for you! This style brings in modern and transitional pieces with layered textures and materials to create a warm and welcoming space. Muted tones like tobacco, mist and warm walnut play off bold light fixtures, while beachy accents and artwork pull everything together. Keep reading to find out how to achieve the Cozy California look in your own home.

Lennar cozy california interior design style

Color Palette

To create a calming and stylish space, combine neutrals with shades of tobacco, mist, and warm walnut. These muted tones still introduce color into your home, but in coordinating shades that mimic those found in the sand and water at the beach. All types of wood pieces work well with these colors, so don’t be afraid to bring in different wood tones throughout your home. Drapes and roman shades can really elevate your rooms, especially in natural fibers like linen, cotton and rattan.

Lennar cozy california interior design style bedroom


Clean lines and neutral colors play a big role when selecting furniture to achieve this look. Since the color palette is based on the beachy coast, choosing more modern and transitional pieces will help ensure your space looks elegant and not too themed or matchy-matchy. Pick wood pieces in natural tones with woven elements and upholstered items in soft and cozy materials.

Lennar cozy california interior design style living and bedroom


Create the ultimate comfortable and relaxing atmosphere by bringing in plenty of soft and textured accents. Place woven and natural fiber rugs on the floors to add warmth and define your various living spaces. Add plenty of throw pillows, blankets and upholstered ottomans in serene shades often seen at the beach. Illuminate your space with various lighting, from modern chandeliers and rattan pendants to white ceramic table lamps and metallic wall sconces.

Lennar cozy california interior design style living room


Add the finishing touches to your space to complete the Cozy California look. Hang some coastal-inspired artwork and a few 3D abstract wall décor pieces on the walls. These bold, beachy accents work well with indoor plants like potted succulents and floor plants. Have some fun and introduce patterned wallpaper as an accent wall in a bedroom or inside of your powder room! Choose something with coordinated colors and a pattern found in nature to really bring everything together.

Lennar cozy california interior design style

The Cozy California design scheme is all about taking natural and relaxed colors, textures and shapes and bringing them into your home in a coordinated way. Follow the steps above to get on the right track, but overall don’t forget to have fun! Cozy California is about expressing the style in a way that best represents you.

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