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Get the Look: Crisp Denim and Olive

Get the Look Crisp Denim and Olive living room

Introducing bold colors like denim and olive might seem like a daring choice when decorating your home, but balancing them with light neutrals creates a harmonious space. Add in contemporary furniture pieces, geometric shapes and matte black accents and you’ll have a stylish home that effortlessly blends style and functionality. Keep reading to find out how to achieve the Crisp Denim and Olive look in your own home!

Color Palette

Choosing a neutral base for this design is key to ensuring that everything is cohesive and well-balanced. White or ivory painted walls create a blank canvas and the perfect backdrop to highlight pops of color with olive, marigold, citrine and denim shades. Natural and neutral elements, with a touch of black, are introduced throughout with furniture and other textiles.

Lennar crisp denim and live design scheme living room


When selecting your furniture items, choose contemporary and transitional pieces to create a modern space. The streamlined silhouettes work well to highlight natural finished wood, rattan elements and black metal accents. White or cream-colored upholstery blends everything together in a crisp and clean aesthetic.

Lennar crisp denim and live design scheme living space


Layer in a variety of textures and shapes throughout your home with accent pieces. Neutral window treatments, like drapery or roman shades, add an extra layer of warmth and function to your space. Accent walls are a fun way to bring in additional character to a room and can be achieved by utilizing geometric wood trim or patterned wallpaper. Add in some woven materials like rugs and blankets to ground your space and ensure comfortable living.

Lennar interior design bedroom

Bold Décor

To complete your look, bring in some brighter pieces that accentuate the more natural elements of the design. Bold pops of color in citrus tones can be introduced using throw pillows, artwork and other decorative objects like bowls or vases. These colors will bring life into your space and provide various points of interest throughout each room. Matte black accents are the perfect finishing touch and are ideally introduced through lighting options, such as tableside lamps, chandeliers and pendant lights.  

Lennar crisp denim and live design scheme bedroom
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