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Get the Look: Refined Organic Living

Lennar refined organic living-room white sectional sofa

Looking to incorporate a new design style into your home with the perfect mix of sophistication and relaxed organic elements? Then the Refined Organic Living design scheme is for you! This design brings natural components and fabrics together with streamlined furnishings, bold artwork and a neutral yet unexpected color palette. Keep reading to find out how to achieve the Refined Organic Living look in your own home.

Lennar refined organic bedroom

Color Palette

This color palette focuses on neutral and organic tones to create a calm and inviting space. Shades of warm wheat, burlap and tan are highlighted and accented with matte black.  Whites and taupe can be used throughout your home either on the walls or with furnishings and décor. Materials such as marble, earthy grey stone and wood trim further elaborate the organic elements of this design scheme.

Lennar refined organic living room


When selecting furniture pieces for this design scheme start with your larger items and choose one of the lighter shades like white, taupe or beige to create a versatile base for the rest of your space. Add in lighter wood tones throughout with accent chairs and dining or console tables. Introduce matte black in a number of ways, including smaller furniture pieces like a coffee table or chairs, as an accent wall or with décor pieces such as lamps or vases.

Lennar refined organic living-room white sectional sofa


Don’t forget the walls! One simple yet impactful way to add more character and charm to your space is to highlight your walls. Make a bold statement by painting one or all the walls in a room matte black or onyx. If this feels too bold for your personal style, try incorporating textural wallcoverings, like grass cloth in a neutral shade. Either option will transform any room and bring all the other aspects of this design scheme together.

Lennar refined organic dining room


When selecting the finishing touches for your home, lean into the organic and natural elements of this design scheme. Think natural wood tones, abstract and sculptural décor pieces and bold artwork. Choose textural or geometric light fixtures to make a functional and stylish impact. Then, add an extra touch of organic living into your space by bringing in houseplants, like succulents, potted herbs or small trees such as a fiddle-leaf fig or an olive tree.

Lennar refined organic dining room kitchen

The Refined Organic Living design scheme highlights neutral tones, organic materials and matte black accents to create a relaxed yet sophisticated space. Follow our tips above to help you design your home and don’t be afraid to put your own personal touch on everything!

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