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Housewarming – Move-In Tips

Move-in Tips

Moving into a new home is exciting and often represents the start of a new chapter in life, whether you’re downsizing, growing your family, starting a new job, or moving in with a partner for the first time. And while change can be a great thing, it can also be stressful. Moving is no different. Here are our tips for making the process go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Take Inventory of Your Possessions: One of the most important things to do when you’re packing up your old home is taking inventory. We recommend going from room to room and organizing boxes strategically. Take note of what goes into each box and label the box with the necessary information (e.g., what room it belongs in and what’s inside, for example, office supplies.) Store the information digitally in an excel sheet so you can access it easily and you’re not fumbling for loose papers mid-move.
  2. Have a Plan: Before you move, know the dimensions of the rooms in your new home and have a plan for where you’ll position the furniture. Label boxes based on where they’ll be placed in your new home. Book your moving truck in advance. Know the purpose of each room in the new house. 
  3. Accept Help: Whether it’s a friend, neighbor, family member, or professional, accept all the help you can get. Moving can be overwhelming and labor-intensive if you don’t hire movers to help you get from A to B. Another way to lighten your load is to hire a professional organizer who can ensure everything is meticulously and safely packed – making unpacking a breeze. 
  4. Disperse Boxes the Appropriate Rooms: When you’re taking boxes out of the truck, immediately put them into the room they belong in. Doing this will help make the unpacking process move a lot smoother without crowding your space. 
  5. Separate Your Daily Possessions: Nothing is worse than spending a whole day packing and unpacking and wanting to brush your teeth and crawl into bed, only to realize you don’t know which box you packed your toothbrush, soap, toilet paper, or your pillow in. We recommend packing a bag or suitcase with the essentials, including a few changes of clothes, toiletries, soap, toilet paper, and much more. 
  6. Do a Quick Clean: Whether you’re moving into a new build or a pre-loved home, we recommend a quick cleaning of the floor and a dusting. 
  7. Let the Fresh Air In: Again, whether you’re moving into a new or pre-loved home, it’s important to freshen it up and make it your own. We recommend opening all the windows and doors to let the fresh air in and lighting a few candles, so your home starts smelling fresh and like your own. It takes a while to make a house feel and smell like a home, so get a jump start. 
  8. Take Your Time: It’s hard to feel settled in a new home when boxes are dispersed throughout a space, but don’t rush it. Take your time and work on one room at a time – prioritizing rooms used the most often, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and office. Organize your space as you go and noting things you need for the new space.

While moving can be overwhelming, the end result is worth it. Keep the image of your new, fresh home and living space all cozy and settled in the forefront of your mind. Once you’re in, it’ll be time to start enjoying your new Lennar community, meeting your friendly neighbors, and exploring your stunning surroundings.

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