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Styling a Bookcase: 7 Tips and Tricks

bookshelf styling Lennar home office

Oftentimes figuring out what to put on your shelves and how to arrange it can feel daunting. Whether you have a large bookcase, a decorative etagere or floor to ceiling built-ins, styling the shelves plays an important part in finishing the room and elevating your space. Follow our 7 tips and tricks below to create a perfectly styled bookcase.

1. Leave Space

Try to resist the urge to fill in every gap on your bookcase and overcrowd the shelves, which can create an unorganized appearance. Utilize negative space and balance out large and small objects.

bookshelf styling Lennar home office

2. Vary object sizes, shapes and heights

Arranging items of varying size will add visual interest to your display and draw the eye across the space. If you have a smaller piece or need to add height somewhere, put a few books stacked horizontally on the shelf, then add your item to the top. Layering your items on the shelves will create a sophisticated and planned-out look.

bookshelf styling Lennar home office

3. Mix your materials

Introduce a variety of materials for your bookcase with different décor pieces. From natural elements like dried coral or quartz crystals, to metal items such as picture frames and candlestick holders, the options are endless.

bookshelf styling Lennar home office

4. The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three in the design world can be utilized across the home– from mixing patterns to hanging artwork–but in this case, we’re talking about grouping objects. Have fun and cluster three different sized items together in an area on your shelf. Try leaning a framed art print or canvas on a shelf against the wall and place a smaller vase or box slightly in front of it. Then add a small trinket or object with the grouping, like a dish, crystal or candle.

bookshelf styling Lennar bedroom

5. Add greenery

Liven up your shelving with some greenery! Either real or faux will work to bring some life into your space and can help fill in any gaps you might have. Add a potted succulent atop a book stack or place some faux stems in a ceramic vase on the shelf.

bookshelf styling Lennar home office

6. Use meaningful objects

This is the perfect place to display any family heirlooms, souvenirs, or significant items that you’ve collected over the years. Why leave your special pieces stored away, when you have a stylish space to display them!

Styling built in bookcases

7. Edit

Last but certainly not least, remember to edit! This principal applies not only to fashion but also interior design. Don’t be afraid to rearrange items and groupings if something doesn’t look quite right and remove any items that crowd your shelves or feel out of place.

bookshelf styling Lennar

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