Blog Customer Testimonial: Eunice Potts

Customer Testimonial: Eunice Potts

St. Charles Townhomes

Meet Eunice Potts, who found her dream home with Lennar in Saint Charles County, Maryland!

Eunice grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and has lived within the DC-Maryland-Virginia area for about 25 years. After the tragic loss of her son in 2015, Eunice decided to make a move and change her life with the purchase of a new home.

For me it was about moving forward- and not moving on, but moving forward. Knowing that I still had purpose and there were still things to be done, even with that loss. And so I started on a journey of looking for a home….Lennar definitely was the path that I didn’t realize that was already pretty laid out for me.”

Learn more about her unique Lennar story in the clip below:

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