Blog Innovative homes in Arizona offer space, privacy for multi-generational families

Innovative homes in Arizona offer space, privacy for multi-generational families

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At home, you need your space, and at Lennar, we design with more room for your family and life. Lennar’s Next Gen – The Home Within A Home is the next level in new home living, balancing your family’s privacy and togetherness under one roof. See how a Lennar family in Phoenix is enjoying this innovative home in this recent report by Danielle Miller for Fox 10 Phoenix

One Arizona home builder thinks they’ve found the perfect solution to creating a home designed to accommodate a family – and the grandparents.

95-year-old registered nurse Thelma Williams retired last year, and that same year she moved in with her daughter, Theresa.

“I would not be here today if I could. I’m physically unable now to work, but I would love to work,” Thelma said. “I enjoy what I do. I’m a registered nurse. A psychiatric nurse and I enjoyed my work. I enjoyed being of service.”

While Thelma may still want to be working and living on her own, she says her current situation is the next best thing. She credits that to their home.

“Total independence,” Thelma laughed. “I can close the door and block them out. Lock them out.”

Their home is called a Next Gen home, which is built by Lennar Homes. The company’s goal is to keep families together with ease.

“When it comes to the comfort and the ability to have your own space and enjoy each other and still be comforted that in this particular situation, my mom is right here with me and I don’t have to worry about her,” said Theresa, the daughter. “I can just walk down that hall and check in on her and make sure she’s OK.”

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