Blog 10 hacks to make your move as easy as possible

10 hacks to make your move as easy as possible

Moving day

You did it! You found your dream home and are officially ready for the moving process to begin when all of the sudden you realize, “the moving process is about to begin.” Finding a new home is exciting but having to pack everything up and actually moving it can be a complete pain! The stress of having to figure out how to move big furniture, if it’s worth to keep old cereal bowls and realizing how much you’ve accumulated throughout the years is enough to make you want to just throw everything out and start new. On top of that, most of us tend to leave everything for the last minute and start packing the day of and end up dumping everything into random boxes. Do not fret – we are here to help with 10 hacks that can make your move easier than you thought! 

1. Pack and label everything ahead of time. 

  • The only thing that should not be packed is a fresh set of clothing that you can use the day of the move.

2. Color code your boxes.

  • By color coordinating your boxes you’ll be able to save yourself some energy as everything will already be in the correct place. This also gives everyone that is helping you move a good way of being productive instead of just placing boxes where there is available space.
  • You can color coordinate by using stickers, sticky notes or colored markers. No need to worry about finding different color boxes.

3. Free boxes.

  • Believe it or not, packaging material can end up costing you a mini fortune, which can be frustrating especially knowing that you’ll just end up throwing them out after use. The best way of finding some free boxes is by checking online or going to grocery stores and speaking to a manager of giving you some old containers or cartons that they will not use.

4.  Hire a babysitter/ pet sitter.

  • If your kids are old enough they can be a great help!  However, having young kids can be a distraction during your move and you will not be as efficient as you’d want. Hiring a sitter can make a big difference in how productive you can be. Pets can also be an interruption as they’ll be curious of their new home and can cause a threat of running away with doors constantly opening and closing.

5.  The use of suitcases.

  • Have something awkwardly shaped and heavy like a coffee machine or microwave? Use your suitcases to help transport them in the move. It’s much easier to carry something that has wheels than to use manpower that can be easily burnt out.

6.  Pack an overnight bag.

  • Let’s say your moving process started at 8:00 am, fast forward through the day and it is already 11:00 pm and your body is exhausted. You’ve made progress in placing things where they belong, but you’re calling it quits for the night. The last thing in your mind is to try to find some fresh pajamas and your toothbrush. By packing an overnight bag, you can rest assured knowing that the comfort of sleep is only a bag away instead of rummaging through more boxes.

7.  Important documents.

  • Keep a file of important documents with you so that they don’t get lost in the clutter.

8.  Sandwich bags for little pieces.

  • You managed to take down your picture frames and don’t know what to do with the screws. Have small sandwich bags handy so that you can put tiny pieces that can get lost. Tape them to the back of your frame or cabinet for reference and label the bag just in case!

9.  Plan out specific jobs.

  • If you have some good friends that want to help, assign them jobs. (This is where the color coordination of boxes can come in handy.) If everyone is aware of their position, your team will be as efficient as possible. Thank them by treating them to some snacks and drinks throughout the day!

10.   Plan out a floorplan before you move.

  • Try to plan out where you want your bulkier items to go. This will make it easier to put things in the right place immediately upon arrival.
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