Blog 10 tips to make moving day more fun

10 tips to make moving day more fun

Moving all of your belongings from one location to another probably isn’t anyone’s top choice for a fun day out. But it doesn’t have to be a stressful event that makes you want to pull out your hair, either. Follow these ten tips for making moving day more fun, and take some of the tension away.

  1. Get into the right frame of mind. You’re moving to a beautiful new Lennar home! Having the freedom and budget to be able to move around is definitely something to be thankful for. Focus on the positive.
  1. Make sure your utilities and other crucial services will be ready when you arrive, including electricity, water, internet and cable. This makes it easier to have a soft landing on move-in day.
  1. Pack an overnight bag for the first evening in your new home. At the end of the day, you don’t want to search through 15 boxes to find your pajamas, pillows and toothbrush. Put everything you’ll need the first night in one bag or box, so that you can spend the evening relaxing instead of embarking on a scavenger hunt.
  1. Hire help, or ask friends to pitch in. The more, the merrier – especially when it comes to moving day. Having the help of a few friends, or professional movers, can make the experience less stressful and more efficient.
  1. Pop a bottle – in the fridge! Tuck a bottle of your favorite beverage in the refrigerator of your new home as soon as you arrive. When the day is done, it will be chilled and ready for a celebration toast! Keep a few plastic cups handy for drinking later that night.
  1. Turn on some tunes! Listening to some upbeat music while you unpack and settle in your new home can give you energy, and make the day go by faster.
  1. Don’t forget about food. When you are busy loading, sorting and unpacking, it can be surprisingly easy to forget about lunch and dinner. You probably won’t want to unload your dishes and kitchen supplies to cook. Instead, take a break and try out a new local restaurant, or stay in and order delivery.
  1. Set up your bed first. Don’t wait until you’re completely exhausted to make your bed for your first night’s sleep. Do it first, so that it’s ready when you are ready to call it good night.
  1. Decide on a stopping time, and stick to it. You’re not going to get everything unpacked on move-in day. Determine what time you will stop working. Knowing that the day will end at 8 pm (or whatever time you decide) will help propel you through the day.
  1. Savor the moment. When quitting time arrives, it’s time to unwind. Kick up your feet, open that bottle of Champagne, and relish the moment. You are at the crossroads to a fresh new stage of life. Make a toast to having found your dream home and enjoy it!
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