Blog 3 Tips for Your Summer Garden!

3 Tips for Your Summer Garden!


Have you been working hard on your garden this spring? Summer is just around the corner and with the change of seasons your garden might need a little extra TLC. Or maybe you haven’t started your garden yet and looking for what you can grow in the summer. We have you covered! Here’s 3 tips on how to keep your garden fresh and lush throughout the hot Tennessee summer and also a few plants you can get started today for delicious snacks and meals all season long.

Change the Watering Schedule

Most of us save the watering for when we get home from work. It’s easy to handle as a nightly chore. But watering at night can be detrimental to your plants. The moisture and warm temperatures can cause fungus to grow. Instead, try to water your plants in the morning hours. Also be sure to avoid watering them during the middle of the day, the heat will make the soil quickly absorb the water and there will be little left for the plants.

Mulch Can Save the Day

The hot summer sun can quickly make waste of all your watering efforts but mulch can help. When you use mulch, it helps create a barrier to keep the water from evaporating as quickly as it normally would uncovered. You are not limited to one type of mulch either. You can recycle grass clippings and use that as an organic mulch, straw, or even landscape fabric.

Provide Plenty of Nutrients

As the temperatures rise, plants will need extra food along with the extra water. To keep your garden lovely, traditional fertilizers will do the trick. However, experts suggest reducing the recommended amount by half. There are also hose attachments that feed your plants while you water. Look at the various options and see what works best for you. And don’t forget to always wear gloves when handling fertilizers and wash your hands after.

Get Your Summer Garden Started

Don’t let the hotter weather deter you from starting a garden. Summertime is the perfect time to grow scrumptious cherry tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, green beans, and many herbs. You can start your garden in a large pot or a raised flower bed. If you have shaded areas of your yard, then lettuce is the perfect go-to veggie. Lettuce is one of the few summer plants that likes partial shade. Get your summer garden started today!

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