Blog 5 easy ways to decorate your outdoor space this fall

5 easy ways to decorate your outdoor space this fall

Fall decor home tips with pumpkins

Whether you’re planning on hosting an outdoor Halloween party or just want to enjoy fall with décor from the warmer end of the color wheel, an outdoor space is a perfect spot to get in the seasonal spirit. Decorating anything from a small front porch to an expansive backyard can be a great way to shift into the change of seasons, and it offers an excuse to spend quality time with the family or have some friends over. Ahead are some of our favorite simple ways to transform an outdoor space into a seasonal retreat.


One of the easiest and most iconic decorations for this time of year, pumpkins are perfect for your front patio, deck or backyard. Keep them as is, or get creative by carving interesting shapes into them. If you don’t want to get your hands too dirty, painting is a great way to fit them into whatever theme you’ve got going and offers a perfect opportunity to do some crafts with friends or family. Varying sizes can often create a more interesting visual.

Don’t throw out your leaves

You’ve raked and raked and now you’ve got trash bags filled with dead leaves. But don’t throw all of them out – they can make great crafting supplies for fall décor. They can easily be used in a homemade wreath, or strategically placed around and underneath pumpkins or other decorations to create a more complex look. 


Wreaths can be fun craft projects, and a great addition to your front or back door. They can easily serve as holiday pieces for Halloween or Thanksgiving, or you can stick to more natural elements such as leaves and little pumpkins to keep it up all season long.

Florals for fall? (Groundbreaking!)

If you’ve got some bigger planters hanging around, or planter boxes, fill them with seasonal florals such as mums, marigolds or even sunflowers. These kinds of seasonal plants also make great center pieces on an outdoor dining set.

Outdoor throw pillows

If your outdoor lounging set is feeling a bit drab, some warm-toned outdoor pillows will perk the space right up. There are lots of holiday or themed outdoor pillows on the market, but if you want them to last all season long, stick to basic colors and patterns. Mustard yellows, terra cotta oranges and natural browns will last months. Plus, outdoor pillows are an effortless way to make your space feel more thoughtful and intentional.

Bonus: Seasonal drinks and hors d’oeuvres go a long way

If you’re hosting – even just some friends over for a casual outdoor get-together – a seasonal cocktail and hors d’oeuvre platter will not only taste delicious but can be a perfect centerpiece for the table. Seasonal touches to a charcuterie board like mini pumpkins, local honey or cranberries over some brie will add a thoughtful touch that not only looks great but is simple to do.

Sprucing up your outdoor space doesn’t have to be a chore – minor edits and tweaks can go a long way without breaking the bank. These are just some ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons in your new Lennar home.

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