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A Home for Every Father Figure

Coronet Gossamer Grove exterior

Father’s Day is fast approaching and we’re recognizing this celebration of all the different types of father figures through the adaptability of a Lennar home. From watching the big game to backyard barbecues, our homes offer plenty of spaces to cultivate their interests and build lifelong memories. Every room is primed and ready to create lasting memories and celebrate everything that makes them happy.

Make Memories in the Living Room

This versatile space is ideal for creating any number of favorite memories with your father. The family’s famous seven-layer dip is on the table, the big game is on the TV and dad is rocking his lucky jersey as he cheers on his favorite team. It’s family game night and he has to be on your team because he’s competitive and hilarious. Or maybe it was the best room growing up to have a tea party with your stuffed animals and him. No matter the memorable occasion, the living room has the space for it.

Serve Up Special Moments

Out of the many hats our father’s wear, the chef’s toque is a fan favorite. In a Lennar fully equipped kitchen, he can teach you the secret ingredients to his signature blueberry pancakes. Or maybe he helped prepare dozens of cupcakes for the school bake sale and covered the counter in flour. No matter the memory, there’s a reason the kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home.

Backyard Bashes to Remember

The sun-drenched seasons bring all our father’s favorite outdoor activities right into our backyard. It could be where we learned to play catch. Where he loves to master the grill with a drink in hand and laugh with friends and family. Or where he set up the tent and camped with us all night telling ghost stories with a flashlight. No matter what’s going on out back, this area makes for ever-lasting fun.

lderberry Backyard

Bedtime Stories, Pillow Forts and More

From reading bedtime stories to checking under the bed when we’re having a hard time sleeping, it’s a space for core moments while growing up. Maybe he builds the most epic pillow forts then brings in popcorn to watch a movie. Or you invade his bedroom on Christmas morning because he’s taking too long to come out and open presents. Our father figures help make our bedrooms feel bright and safe.

Little Moments Make a Big Difference

A Lennar spa-inspired bathroom is more than a luxurious space to get clean; it is also home to the little memories that make a huge difference. It’s where he taught us to shave for the first time or where we sat in front of the mirror and helped him learn to braid our hair. The home is built with memories of our father figures throughout.

The Garage Brings Magic to Life

The original man cave has evolved into an innovative space for more than power tools and yard equipment. Of course, our fathers can still work on restoring the roadster while listening to their favorite music or organizing their tool cabinet and hanging gardening equipment. But now it is also a great location for a home gym, woodworking equipment or any adventurous hobby he loves. 

Even though our fathers may just be one person, they play so many pivotal roles in our lives – the teacher, coach, chef, cheerleader, tinkerer, superhero and so much more. And a home with space to host those roles is one ready for new memories.

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