Blog Five Key Factors for Throwing the Ultimate Football Party

Five Key Factors for Throwing the Ultimate Football Party


Football season is here and that means it’s time to start planning the ultimate viewing party for your friends and family! While the possibilities, team choices and game selections vary, make sure you focus on these five points:

  1. FOOD.

    Obviously one of everybody’s favorite parts of the party. Keep it simple with appetizers – bean or chip dips, your latest Pinterest vegetable appetizer find and easy-to-build options like tacos. You may even go for “walking tacos” for which all you have to do is gather all the fillings into separate bowls and swap out tortillas for a bag of corn chips! Guests will be able to make their own and eat it mess free out of bowls or cups.

  2. DRINKS.

    Options are key. You can go big with a themed punch using Kool-Aid to match the color to your favorite team – or two bowls for both teams. It’s easy, inexpensive and festive. Plus, it’s a great option for large groups.


    It’s never been easier to create a cute, customizable invite! Whether you use an evite, create an event on Facebook or just shoot out a mass text, make sure you give people enough time to mark their calendars for the event and know about how many to people to expect and prepare for.


    Team jerseys are a must along with easy accessories to help you decorate your home with ease. Be thrifty by printing out the team logos and putting them up in your home. Find cheap balloons, streamers, colored napkins and other throw away decorations at the dollar store. Anything you do will help get everyone in the party spirit!

  5. THE GAME!

    Of course, you’ll need a great way to watch the game. You can use a big TV in the main area or if you have access to a projector, set up a screen using either a white wall or white sheet. And don’t forget to provide enough chairs or places for everyone to sit! Once it’s all set up, let the game begin!

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