Blog Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Valentine's Day at home

With Valentine’s Day only one week away, it’s time to finalize your plans if you haven’t already. But you don’t have to take extravagant measures to show your special someone what they mean to you. After all it’s the little things that matter most, like one-on-one time in your new Lennar home, or spending moments together as a household, to celebrate the holiday.

Here are five sweet ways to spend Valentine’s Day without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

1. Fondue for two (or more!)

Make your romantic dinner at home exciting, and mix things up with this homemade fondue recipe from Martha Stewart. Create a sampler board for you and your Valentine using assorted meats, breads and even fruit. Keep it between the two of you or invite everyone in the home for an extra unique experience. Your new kitchen will help make things easy with spacious layouts, modern features and more!

2. At-home spa night

Create the ultimate getaway right at home! Utilize your luxe new owner’s suite to pamper your date. Setup a space for an in-home pedicure, facial and gentle hand massage. Don’t forget the candles!

3. Indoor picnic

Plan a feast for your Valentine with a pre-packed meal. Design a small charcuterie board to share like this one, including dips and spreads to keep things interesting. Spread a blanket on the floor of your living room, or on your back patio, and enjoy your evening at home. Don’t forget the heart-shaped candy!

4. Crafting date

Unlock your inner child and spend the evening getting creative. Use markers, stickers, magazine clippings, photos and more to create Valentine’s cards for one another and those most special to you! This is also a great way to get kids involved in the Valentine’s Day fun.

5. Movie night

Bring the cinema to you! Utilize your spacious new living space to create the ultimate movie-watching environment. Get snacks to share like popcorn and chocolate and enjoy one another’s company with the movie, or two, of your choice.

In a new Lennar home, it’s easy to make any night date night, but especially on Valentine’s Day! With move-in ready homes available now with modern layouts and popular features, find the one that’s right for you and yours at

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