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Five ways to get your home summer ready

summer grilling at home on the patio

Long days under the sun and worry-free living is just ahead, summer is almost here! Whether you spend this season surrounded by friends and family or you’re hoping to spend some time alone, the best summer memories are made right at home. Here are five ways to make sure your home is ready for the summertime:

1. Setup your patio

Time to dust off those cushions you’ve been storing, or splurge for some new outdoor decor! Sweep away debris built up during the colder seasons and arrange your outdoor space in a way that’s coziest to you. Make your patio inviting to guests with colorful pillows, outdoor accents and, of course, don’t forget the citronella candles to keep away those unwanted visitors!

2. Clean out gutters

Summertime showers come with the season. Gutters can’t do their job when they’re clogged up, which can happen over the winter. Luckily, you can clean lightly congested guttering yourself. By using a common garden hose with a spray attachment, you can spray out gunk and get your gutters flowing all summer long!

3. Trade in heavy drapes for lightweight curtains or shades

Ditch those heavy drapes for light and breezy window coverings. Open up living spaces with lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen or shades and allow more light in during the day. Utilize summertime colors with light hues and keep your home feeling resort hotel fresh!

4. Turn fans counter-clockwise

A simple trick to help keep energy costs low is to switch your ceiling fan blades to spin counter-clockwise. This can be accomplished by flipping the switch found under the fan motor on most new ceiling fans. By flipping them around, air will be pushed down, creating cooler, consistent temperatures throughout the day, meaning less work for your air conditioner and more room in your wallet for summer fun.

5. Upgrade to an all-new Lennar home

Find everything you need for summer in the comfort of a new Lennar home. Check-in to your own piece of paradise, with select communities offering amazing amenities like pools, playgrounds, walking trails and much more to be discovered. With open-concept layouts, stylish features and popular upgrades, there’s a Lennar home waiting to make your summer complete. Find the one that’s right for you at

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