Blog Four Simple Christmas Gifts to Give Your Neighbors

Four Simple Christmas Gifts to Give Your Neighbors

Presents for Christmas gifts for neighbors

Tis the season of giving, and what better way to show appreciation for your friends and neighbors, than with homemade gifts that are easy and adorable? If you’re short on ideas or time this Christmas, then look no further. We’ve tied up four pretty little presents that you can make yourself, that feature no shortage of holiday cheer. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get giving!

1. Movie Night Package

An easy and adorable route to go, that is also quick and easy, is to download a movie code from a streaming platform, print out a cute tag then wrap it with some microwave popcorn and you’re all set! For details on this cinematic creation, including free tags to print at home, visit this Tidbits blog post.

movie night gift idea

2. Scented Hand Soap

Do you love a good pun? Well this cute blog post idea from All Things Thrifty has made your Christmas present preparations easier than ever. Purchase a cute, holiday themed soap then add their adorable tag with the line “Just Soap’n you have a Merry Christmas.” For details on this sudsy souvenir, visit All Things Thrifty.

Homemade soaps for Christmas gifts

3. Fun Nail Polish

We’re not done with the puns just yet! This one could work for a female co-worker or even just one of your gal pals. Purchase a festive nail polish since this is the perfect time of the year to embrace sparkles. Then print out this adorable tag that reads “For your mistle-toes.” For details on this glitzy gift, visit Persiailou.

Christmas gift

4. Stove Top Potpourri

Scent is strongly connected to memory – so it makes sense that Christmas should have its own distinctive smell to help you and your kids remember these magical times. This blog post on stove top potpourri gives you three options to create a little gift set, allowing you to gift your neighbors with everything they need to create their own. Choose from Christmas, Apple Pie or Sonoma on the blog The Weathered Plate.

Stovetop homemade gift

Thanks for reading our top four homemade gift ideas to give your neighbors for Christmas.

From all of us at Lennar Utah, we hope you have a Happy Holidays!

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