Blog The leaves are falling, your new Lennar home is calling!

The leaves are falling, your new Lennar home is calling!

new home in the Fall

5 Reasons why this fall season is the perfect time to make your move

Now that it’s officially fall and we’re rounding out the unique year that 2020 has been, it’s an ideal time to reflect on your home and whether now is the time to make your move. With a great market and a year that’s shown us just how important our homes have become, we’re here to give you five reasons why now is the time to buy new!

1. Less Competition

The spring and summer seasons have always been the hottest times in real estate, with many people thinking those are the best times to move. While in some ways it can be an easier time for a huge life change – the kids are finishing or out of school and there are less holidays to worry about – it also makes for a very competitive market. By choosing to find your new home during the fall season you can enjoy less competition and on occasion, better pricing.

2. Start 2021 Off Fresh

If you start your homebuying process in early autumn, you can be moved in just before or right at the beginning of the new year. What better way to start the new year off than in a home that’s brand new? You can set your intention and resolutions off in a fresh space, to enjoy the benefits of your new home purchase for the rest of the year and beyond.

3. Everything’s Included®

One of the best reasons to buy a new Lennar home is the homebuilder’s signature Everything’s Included® program and approach to new homebuying. Their program outfits every new home with today’s popular upgrades and features as standard – meaning no extra cost to you. Plus, Lennar’s New Home Consultants take care of every homebuyer during their purchasing process, from start to finish for an easy, breezy and joyful homebuying experience.

4. Great Rates

Right now, mortgage interest rates continue to remain at historically low levels, allowing more people to enter the homebuying market. Take advantage of the moment and purchase now, as interest rates may increase throughout the year and in the busier real estate months that follow.

5. Holiday Joy

The holidays are all about enjoying family time and age-old traditions, but it’s also a time to get excited about the future and make new traditions of your own. The promise of a new home will bring excitement to this special time of year. Whether you’re in your new home in time to celebrate the year-end holidays or spend the new year with the excitement of your new move – bring a whole new level of magic to this time with the promise of a new beginning and what’s to come.

These are just a few reasons why fall is a great season to make your move into a new Lennar home. If you’ve been considering purchasing a new home but have waited through the popular spring and summer markets, don’t wait any longer! We have many model homes that are open by appointment with self-guided and Lennar-guided tours available by appointment, along with virtual tours available online at select locations. Visit and start your search today.

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