Blog Sizzling Summer Kitchen Design Trends in 2022

Sizzling Summer Kitchen Design Trends in 2022

Lennar Kitchen design

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. This year, new trends are emerging that will make your space stylish and unique. With these design tips, you’ll be sure to have a space where you can live, socialize, relax, and maybe even cook sometimes.

If you are looking for a stylish remodel, consider starting with texture. Whether on countertops, backsplashes, or walls, mixing materials is a great way to add texture. Texture creates a visual effect in your space and using a variety of textures can easily add depth. Brick, wood grain, brushed metals, and even stone can add dimension to your kitchen

A subtle pattern in materials is another great way to implement trendy design in your space. White marble is here to stay, but matte white surfaces are entering the scene. Using these materials for your countertops is an easy way to lighten up a space while still creating that visual appeal.

We’ve noticed that colored cabinetry complements lighter countertops well. Current colors for 2022 are light greens, blues, and yellows. These pastels brighten up any room and can really maximize the feeling of space in your kitchen. A pop of color grabs attention, but these subtle colors still promote a sense of relaxation. If you are searching for something bolder, consider using black cabinetry. Layering black in your kitchen adds a dramatic effect. There is also an increase in utilization of black countertops and backsplashes if laying black cabinetry seems daunting. There are many ways to implement these trends to best suit your tastes, so don’t be afraid to take pieces of these design ideas and make them your own.

Once you have your sleek countertops with matching backsplash and cabinets, look up! The finishing touch, but often one of the first things people notice, is statement lighting. Architectural pendants and sculptural chandeliers can make a space complete. Unique lighting is currently in fashion because it carries the visual interest upward. Lighting is a fun way to express personality while still bringing together the other design elements of your kitchen. Focus on matching the material of your statement lighting to other aspects of your kitchen, such as hardware. This creates cohesion and tops off your kitchen design.

Lennar values cutting-edge design and modern finishes. That’s why in every Lennar home, we include design elements with current trends in mind as part of our Everything’s Included® feature. With a wide variety of communities and floorplans within each, you will be sure to find your perfect home with Lennar. Be sure to check out our communities near you and visit our website today, or call (888)-208-4141 to schedule an appointment!

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