Blog Interior Design Trends You’ll See In 2022

Interior Design Trends You’ll See In 2022

Texture and Textiles at home

With the new year comes new trends, and industry leaders release their picks for interior design. Many fashionable fads have been building popularity for a couple of years, such as the rise of multi-purpose rooms and the return of the home office. Ahead are some that you’ll be seeing in 2022.


Curved pieces of furniture, decorative items or even patterns are in for this year. Curves are popular in part because of their softness and because they emulate a natural and organic feeling. This is an easy way to bring a sense of calmness into any space.

Multi-purpose rooms

As remote and hybrid work weeks have become prevalent and we spend more and more time in our homes, the need to adjust our spaces has become essential.

Multi-purpose rooms will blend offices and guest bedrooms, playrooms and yoga studios, and dining rooms and craft spaces. If compartmentalizing has always been your forte, try room dividers or area rugs to demarcate one section from another.

More Grandmillennial

Ariel Orkin, a New York designer, described the grandmillennial trend as “traditional design with a fresh twist” in an interview with Vogue. The term was coined in 2019 by Emma Bazilian and refers to a design style that takes items or motifs you might find in your grandmother’s house (think: china blue-inspired wallpaper, embroidered linens, pleated lampshades) and brings them into the 21st century.

Design experts are confident that this trend is going to remain strong in 2022, and that we’ll be seeing grandmillennial-inspired pieces popping up everywhere.

Natural touches

The great thing about nature is that it never goes out of style. So, feel free to incorporate as many natural elements into your home as you can handle. Real plants, branches in vases, stone, and wood touches all add warmth.


Even though Pantone’s Color of the Year is Very Peri, a periwinkle, greens are definitely trending. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr paint companies have all selected colors of the year that are in the green family.


Highly textured pieces like blankets, throw pillows, and furniture have historically been a tenet of boho design, especially when they’re mixed and matched in a space. And as boho becomes more popular and seeps its way into the mainstream, it’s no wonder textured pieces are being found in a variety of spaces.

Adding texture in your textiles can be very simple. If you’re intimidated, start with a throw blanket at the bottom of your bed or draped on the back of your couch, and go from there.

What’s out?

According to Vogue, boucle and all-white everything will be seeing themselves out of interior design trends this season.

But if you can’t seem to be able to part with the boucle accent chair you bought six months ago, don’t sweat it. If you love the piece as it is, there’s no hard and fast rules on interior design just because the industry stakes a specific claim. But if you want to make it feel a bit more on-trend, drape a textured blanket in a muted green on the back or add a throw pillow.

As far as the all-white kitchen is concerned, it’s easy to add color without having to completely renovate the space. There are plenty of opportunities to add pops of your favorite colors here and there: dinnerware, textiles like napkins and tablecloths, breakfast bar stools, area rugs, countertop containers, small appliances, and of course, plants and their pots. If you have the space in your budget to splurge a bit, try swapping out simple pendant lighting for something a bit more vibrant.

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