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New Home Orientation And Final Walkthrough

Your New Home Orientation & Final Walkthrough

Congratulations! You are almost at the finish line of your homebuying journey! The New Home Orientation and Final Walkthrough are some of the last steps you will complete before you become the official owner of your new Lennar home.

Upon the completion of the construction of your new Lennar home, a final inspection and quality check will be conducted to ensure that the home meets local building codes and quality standards.  When the Lennar team has verified the home’s readiness, the construction manager will notify your New Home Consultant (NHC)  that your Lennar home is ready for the New Home Orientation.

Note: Throughout the construction of your Lennar Home, inspections and quality checks are conducted after each phase to ensure the homes meets local building codes and quality standards.

Once the home is ready, your New Home Consultant will notify you via email and/or a phone call about scheduling your New Home  Orientation. Your NHC will give you the dates and times of the New Home Orientation and Final Walkthrough. This NHC notice typically occurs 30 days prior to closing; however, if you purchase a move-in ready home, the day you sign your Purchase Agreement may also be the day you schedule your New Home Orientation and Final Walkthrough.

Third-Party Inspections

As a Lennar homebuyer, you are welcome to have your new Lennar home inspected by a professional of your choice. Any outside inspections must be coordinated with your NHC and/or Construction Manager. You will be responsible for any outside inspection fees and it must be completed a couple of days prior to your New Home Orientation. If there are items that need to be addressed, you will be required to share a copy of the inspection report with your NHC and Construction Manager at least two days before the New Home Orientation.

Note: Your new home may not have all included appliances installed at the time of your outside inspection. Feel free to contact your NHC to be notified when your appliances are scheduled to arrive and be installed.

The New Home Orientation

The day of your New Home Orientation is here and you are one step closer to becoming the official owner of your new Lennar Home! This is a very exciting day because it will be the first day you set foot in your home since the construction was completed. You will be able to see how the floorplans, features and finishes have come to life. Many NHCs will refer to the new home orientation as the “introduction walk” or the “initial walkthrough”, and it will typically take a place a week prior to the day you are scheduled to close on your Lennar home.

On the day of your New Home Orientation, your Construction Manager and/or a Customer Care Representative will greet you at your new Lennar home, along with any other owners listed on the Purchase agreement. This will be their opportunity to introduce the home to you. They will walk you through the features and functionality of your new home and also educate you about how to care for your new home. Your Customer Care Representative will also teach you about the components of your new home – like how to use your appliances, smart home devices, etc.

During the New Home Orientation, you will also have the chance to assess your home for any cosmetic variations. The New Home Orientation should last no more than two hours. Afterwards, you will hand over a list of any concerns you want to have addressed before your Final Walkthrough to your Construction Manager. Your Construction Manager will then go through the list and address any discrepancies and cosmetic errors during the 7 calendar days prior to your Final Walkthrough.

The Final Walkthrough

The day you have been waiting for is FINALLY here! About a week after the New Home Orientation, you will return to your new home for the Final Walkthrough. The Final Walkthrough will be on or near your closing date. This is one of the most exciting and fulfilling days during the homebuying process!

Once again, you will be greeted by your Construction Manager and/or your Customer Care Representative at your new Lennar Home. Your Construction Manager has reviewed any concerns you noticed during the New Home Orientation, and this final walkthrough will allow you to review any changes and ask questions. This walkthrough typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes, and at the end, you will sign off on the list indicating your new home is complete. You can now close on your new Lennar home. Congratulations!

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